Beauty 101: Top Beauty Products, Makeup Trends & Tips for Women (and Sometimes Men Too!)

Our beauty editor's picks for some of the best on-trend beauty products, latest makeup trends, and loveliest scents of the season. Plus, our obsession with lipstick continues.

14 of the Best Self Tanners For Glowing Skin All Year

Best Self Tanners

Whether or not summer is still here there’s times we still need to rock our favorite shorts, bathing suits and dresses. Here we have some of the best sunless tanners to add a little faux glow, since the days of laying out in the sun for hours are behind us (right?) Check out our list of sprays, lotions and mousse that will have you loing naturally bronze in no time.

9 Great Lightweight Spray Lotions And Moisturizers


A spray lotion or moisturizer is a nice alternative to typical body lotions.  Known for being lightweight, spray lotions apply evenly and iver moisture to your skin without feeling greasy or heavy.  Typically using compressed air, they dry quickly and smell great…but the real bonus is the convenience of being able to apply to hard-to-reach […]

10 Monthly Beauty Subscription Boxes To Gift For Valentine’s Day 2017

Best Beauty Subscription Boxes

How fun are subscription boxes?  It’s like a cute little present that shows up at your door once a month.  It’s the perfect gift that keeps on giving (or sign up for yourself, we won’t judge).  With the rising popularity of these beauty boxes, it seems there’s something for everyone.  Nail polish addict?  Check.  Cruelty-free […]

11 Best Foundations For Flawless Coverage

Best Foundation for 2016 from Drugstore to Designer Reviews

….because if you’re all about that base, you need a good foundation.  After applying your moisturizer or primer, foundation is the main event.  Finding the right base for your skin type sets the stage for the rest of your makeup, helps create the appearance of an even skin tone and blurs imperfections.  The goal is finding something that […]

12 Coral Shades Of Lipstick For Summer

Best Coral Lipstick

Nothing says summer like shades of coral.  It’s the perfect shade for the season, as it los great on tanned skin…but those with fairer complexions can swing it as well. (Lighter peach/corals if you’re warm and fair, or soft pink/corals if you’re cool and fair).  And since coral falls between pink and orange, it’s a […]

12 Eyeshadow Palettes To Covet Right Now


So many makeup s carry eyeshadow palettes and with so many to choose from, it can be challenging to narrow it down. Things to take into consideration?  Coordinating shades of neutrals, a smey eye all in one place…to shimmer, or not to shimmer…and staying power with great color payoff. Our 12 picks cover a little bit of […]

Spring Fragrances: Top 16 Perfumes For Women This Season


The seasons are changing and it’s officially time to update your signature scent.  It’s a perfume jungle out there and whether you’re loing for the perfect fragrance for your wife, girlfriend, mom…or you’re just loing for something fresh and new for yourself, we’ve got you covered.  Check out our picks for some of the best-selling perfumes this season, including a […]

15 Monthly Subscription Boxes For Everyone This Valentine’s Day

2016 Monthly Boxes for Christmas 2017

…because what’s easier to gift someone than a monthly subscription box you don’t have to actually leave your house to buy?! Perfect as a last minute idea or just the genius option for that special someone who has everything, we’ve rounded up some of the best monthly subscription boxes for the beauty rs, foodies, and kiddies […]

17 Nail Colors To Rock in Spring And Summer 2017

Best Spring and Summer Polish

 This is the time of year when we’re all ready for some warmer temperatures and longer days filled with sunshine.  We’re definitely over the snow and frigid weather and ready to shed some layers. (Until next year boots and parkas!) .   One of the best parts of the change in season?  Switching up your nail […]

11 Black Friday Deals You Can’t Miss

Promo Codes

It’s the most wonderful (stressful?) time of the year!  Now that Thanksgiving is O-V-E-R, it’s time to hit the retail trail and start (or for you over-achievers, finish) your holiday shopping.  Before navigating Black Friday and flying through Cyber Monday all alone, check out some handy coupon codes and promos below. Scentbird:  CYBER MONDAY –  […]

10 Purifying Mud Masks For Clear Skin

Best Mud Masks

Mud masks are great for cleansing your skin and removing dead skin cells and daily dirt.  They deposit “skin saving” ingredients that help to purify your skin, while removing surface toxins that can clog your pores (which leaves skin loing dull).  Be forewarned that not all mud masks are created equal. While some of us to feel […]

Roll On: 13 Best Travel Rollerball Perfumes

Best Travel Size Rollerballs, Atomizers and Roll On Perfume 2016 - 2017

…because the TSA will these rollerball perfumes just as much as you will. Whether you’re ready to fly the friendly skies or just want a quick (re)fresh scent to stash in your purse, many of your favorite perfumes come in mini-sized options.  Welcome to the wild world of ‘Rollerball Perfume.’  What’s great about the roll-on option […]

8 Wearable Shades Of Orange Lipstick

Best Orange Lipstick

Can you really pull off orange lipstick? Sure! Orange shades run from corals and orange/reds all the way to mandarin.  This vibrant shade can be a fun way to break away from the typical nudes, pinks and reds.  The best way to pull this off, is to find a shade that best suits your skin […]

Best Tea Tree Shampoos to Finally Stop the Itch!

Best Tea Tree Shampoo for Itchy Scalp 2016 - Top Tea Tree Oils

…because you can hold your itchy scalp up with pride knowing you’re not alone in the battle to stop the itch! I first started using a tea tree shampoo after my dermatologist made the recommendation when I was in my late teens and on a variety of acne meds…all that seemed to have the common […]

10 Matte Lipstick Shades We’re Obsessed With This Season

Best Matte Lipstick 2016 - Top Matte Lipsticks for Spring, Summer, Fall 2017

It can be tough to swing matte lipstick.  If your lips aren’t prepped, matte lip color can lo drying and chalky.  But if the conditions are right, it can lo chic and modern.  Many of today’s matte formulas are light and smooth, as well as long lasting.  It also helps to lo for formulas that are “luminous” […]

Gray Matters: 10 Shades Of Gray Nail Color

Best Gray Nail Polish

So many shades of gray….Nail polish, that is.  Gray nail polish is a chic variation on a neutral manicure.  Stepping away from beige neutrals and into gray, is a great way to transition into the cooler months, but choosing a lighter shade of gray (think lilac and light blue based grays) can also make this trend […]

9 Body Lotions To Apply To Sun Drenched Skin

Best Body Lotion

The perfect body lotion is definitely something that we reach for all year round.  Sure, winter skin can feel dehydrated, but a rich lotion or balm can soothe in the summer as well – especially given the lengthy exposure to sun, heat, chlorine and salt.  We wouldn’t trade the lazy days of summer for anything (we’ve earned it!), […]

15 Best Mascaras For the Ultimate Summer Eyes

Best Drugstore & Brand Mascara 2016 Waterproof Black Volumizing Mascaras

…because even though it’s officially summer, most of us are tired every…single…day. If you’re not in a position to grab a latte and throw on some sunglasses, (I think shades are frowned upon in the office?) a little mascara can go a long way.  A few quick coats before you head out the door can open […]

Best Makeup For Summer 2017

Best Makeup For Summer

Summer is all about barbecues, being poolside, and Sunday Funday.  Aside from being outdoors, we’re also exposed to water, sun, and well…sweat.  Fear not! The higher temps don’t have to equal makeup meltdown.  Need to update your makeup bag for the change in season?  Check out our summer makeup picks below.   If you’re loing to […]

8 Waterproof Foundations That Can Take The Summer Heat

Best Summer Foundation

Don’t sweat it!  The mercury may be rising, but your makeup doesn’t have to melt down.  While we’re all for a lighter hand- especially during the summer months, but sometimes we still need a foundation that will stand up to the heat.  Whether you’re attending a formal affair in the sweltering heat, or just don’t feel […]

Don’t Sweat It – 8 Waterproof Eyeliners

Best Waterproof Eyeliner

While we when the temperature heats up, we don’t when our makeup melts down.  A smey eye may lo chic, but raccoon eyes are a fashion don’t.  Even though we tend to use a lighter hand when applying our makeup in the summer months, waterproof options will help keep everything in place.  Check […]

8 Best Sunscreens and Sunblocks To Apply Generously in 2017

Best Sunscreen 2016

Sunscreen is a necessity, regardless of the season.  However, with summer just around the corner, it’s an absolute must have.  Let’s face it, after a long and dreary winter, we just have to be outside.  We deserve it!  But don’t leave the house, or open that sunroof, unless you’ve applied your sunscreen.  We’ve picked 8 options, so […]

8 Best Retinol Treatments For Smoother Skin

Best Retinol Cream

Retinol treatments can really make a difference in your skin.  These products are touted for improving skin’s overall texture and minimizing the appearance of fine s and wrinkles.   With a little patience and commitment, they definitely increase skin’s resiliency and radiance by stimulating collagen production.  An added bonus?  Some find that is helps keep breakouts under control too.  The […]

The Best Eye Creams For Dark Circles And Beyond

Best Eye Cream

It’s never to early to combat wrinkles, dark circles and puffy eyes.  Keeping in mind that the skin around the eye area is icate and can be very sensitive, a separate cream created specifically for eye area is the way to go.  We’ve chosen eye masks, serums and creams that can help your skin lo healthier and […]

Top Beauty Gifts for Girls On Trend

Christmas Gifts for Girls 2015: Best Beauty Makeup Gift Sets 2016

…because, let’s face it, sometimes girls can be tough to shop for.  But don’t sweat it because our beauty editors have put together their picks for some of the top beauty gifts for girls this season.   Who doesn’t getting their favorite beauty products and makeup as a gift?  Shop our picks for the top beauty, […]

Green With Envy – Eye Makeup For Green Eyes

Eye Makeup For Green Eyes

Green eyes are a bit rare…so all the reason to play them up!  While there are certain colors that will make green eyes pop, the key here is to enhance…as opposed to letting your makeup take center stage.   Below we’ve chosen 8 different types of eye makeup that will compliment your eye […]

Eye Makeup For Enhancing Blue Eyes

Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

Those of us with blue eyes usually consider it to be one of our best features.  So if you’ve got them…flaunt them!  While shades of orange (terracotta, peach, copper, etc) really make blue eyes pop, gold and brown neutrals really work as well.  We’ve chosen 9 different shadows and rs that will help play up […]

Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes – 9 Bold Options

Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

If you’re loing to step outside the box a bit when it comes to eye makeup, we’ve got some fun and vivid colors that work for brown eyes.  For dark brown, olive, deep greens and dark blues can flatter.  For medium brown, navy, cobalt and teals can make your eyes pop, while lighter brown eyes […]

Go For The Bronze: 10 Best Bronzers For Glowing Skin


Bronzer can help breathe some life into your skin, especially in the colder months.  Although, it is  something many of us reach for as we head into spring as well (, we even reach for it in the summer). The key to achieving a believable, sun kissed lo is finding a natural loing bronzer that doesn’t lo […]

10 Dark Spot Correctors to Lighten Things Up

2016 Best Dark Spot Corrector for Face 2017 - How to Get Rid of Dark Spots

Most of us are loing for smooth, even toned skin. Peels and serums can help correct the appearance of uneven skin tone and with regular use, you can see a reduction in dark spots and redness over time leaving you with clearer and brighter skin. Shop our picks for the best dark spot correctors that can help fade dark […]

Sparkle This Spring – 9 Shimmer Shadows and Eyeliners

Best Glitter Eye Makeup

Glittery and shimmery eye makeup was recently spotted on the runways at New York Fashion Week…And this is a trend that can be worn in a subtle or dramatic way, making it wearable for day or night.   You can pick your poison too…Choose from bold, jewel-tones shades or keep it low key with everyday […]