9 Things Everyone is Sick of Seeing at the Gym

[Editor’s Note] It can be tough enough to get to the gym, never mind dealing with the people who are there once you arrive.  In-demand New York City and LA personal trainer and owner of FitNut.org, Josh Grimm, shared with Brostrick.com his 9 favorite things he knows everyone is sick of seeing at the gym. 1. […]

The ONE Kale Smoothie You Need to Start Your Morning With

best kale smoothies recipe with ginger

There are a million different types of smoothies on the market that promise and promote high energy, key nutrients, and metabolic stabilization. Here’s the one morning smoothie that’ll help you get through important moments of your day in a super powerful way!

The One Workout this Year You Can’t Do Without

I’ve been working out since I was 12 years old when my dad bought the family a California Gold 2000 weight system.  I was certain this was going to get me looking like the fitness models I saw in the Calvin Klein ads (some could say I appreciated a good physique at a young age). Pumping iron served […]

Your New Pre-Workout Protein Shake is Here!

best protein shake recipe with almond milk and whey

The FitNut Almond Milk Protein Shake A pre-workout power punch! This is a tasty, pre-workout meal and super- health boost! It has enough carbohydrates to supply stamina for you workout and protein to feed your muscles!  So make it and down it before you workout and start reaping the benefits. Protein Shake Ingredients: 12 oz. unsweetened […]

4 Easy Ways to Sneak in a Workout On Vacation (I Know)

workout exercises on vacation hotel beach

Staying fit while traveling is a challenge for most. The hotel gyms can sometimes be sad and depressing, the temptation to relax on the beach or drink at the pool bar may be too much, or the business-trip itinerary might be too exhausting!   Take it from me, one who travels a lot, that there […]