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Bourbon Thoughts: Old Forester Single Barrel

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Old Forester Single Barrel


Old Forester makes some delicious bourbon.  In particular, their annual Birthday Bourbon is usually a great bottle of bourbon.  Here are the reviews for the 20142015 and 2016  Birthday Bourbons, so make sure you check them out.

So when I saw this bottle of Old Forester Single Barrel on the self, I had to give it a try.  This particular bottle was from warehouse ‘H’, sorted on floor ‘6’ and bottled at 90 proof.

The nose is really sweet with rich caramel notes.  The taste of burnt orange plays really well with the vanilla, sweetness.  While the finish is long with some pleasant spicy notes to finish off the sweet notes.  Overall, a really solid bottle of bourbon that I will pick off the shelf many more times!