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Rye Thoughts: Booker’s Rye Limited Edition “Big Time Batch”

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Booker's Rye Limited Edition Big Time Batch

The first ever rye produced by Booker’s also comes from some of the last barrels filled by the late, great, distiller Booker Noe.  the label is a note from his son, Fred Noe, explaining how his farther always liked the challenge of rye grains and laid these barrels in his favorite rackhouse.  It is aged for 13 years, 1 month and 12 days; uncut at 68.1 abv it lives up to the “Big Time Batch” label.

The nose is woody with mint and vanilla aromas.  The taste is bold with that 136.2 proof coating your tongue with spicy rye notes tempered with sweet vanilla notes.  The finish is long and pleasantly spicy.  If you like, add a few drops of water to unlock more of those sweet, woody, vanilla flavors but I prefer it as is – perfect.

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