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Bourbon Thoughts: Jefferson’s The Manhattan

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Jefferson's Manhattan Esquire

The good people at Jefferson’s have created a barrel aged Manhattan with the help of the Editors of Esquire Magazine.  Normally I would recommend mixing your own Manhattan but this cocktail is barrel aged in bourbon barrels from the Jefferson’s distillery; therefore it is understandable that you may not have room for a bourbon barrel in your bar area.  Barrel aged cocktails tend to add a depth of flavor that is difficult to duplicate at home.

The Jefferson’s Manhattan is a balanced cocktail the dry vermouth coupled with the herby bitters is a nice foil for the sweet, vanilla bourbon flavors.  The bourbon flavors may be a little muted in comparison to a traditional Manhattan but as this would be considered a Perfect Manhattan with both sweet and dry vermouth.  I would recommend adding a twist which brightens the flavor profile without adding any sweetness.  Consider it your bartender in a bottle next time you have friends over for drinks.