The Best Scenes from War Games

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There has never been a teen movie as frightening as War Games.  And, the movie, about the time Matthew Broderick almost caused World War 3, is as relevant as ever.

Here are 8 of the funniest and scariest moments of this lighthearted teen comedy about Thermal Nuclear War. (I have a feeling we might start seeing a lot more of the types of movies in the near future.)


FACT: Being really good at video games can lead to WWIII



FACT: Computers looked like this once a long long time ago



FACT: The “Your Wife” joke never goes out of style.



FACT: Everyone drank TAB in the 80s.

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: The tab button on your computer was actually named after the drink.


FACT: Every kid in the 80s was all about global thermonuclear war.






FACT: Joshua the computer learns the most important lesson of all . . .



FACT: Saving the world does indeed deserve a nice pat on the head.
(Shouldn’t he be arrested and spend the rest of life in jail? – He almost killed us all!)