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The Scariest Moments from Poltergeist

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The original Poltergeist written by Steven Spielberg, yes that Steven Spielberg, is still one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen.  Besides just being visually frightening, the idea that you aren’t safe in your home still freaks me out.

Relive the horror of the 8 scariest moments below:

The first time a TV became actually scary.


Creepiest. Tree. Ever.


You’re smiling now Carol Anne but just you wait . . .


Told you so.


Clowns = scary, Always.


I never what this to happen to me.  NEVER.


This phase still creeps me out.


Yikes.  Also I think they are both making the same reaction.


And Although he didn’t show up until the sequel. I wouldn’t want this guy showing up at my door.