Rye Thoughts: Willett 8 Year Family Estate Bottled Single Barrel Rye

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Willett 8 Year Family Single Barrel Rye

The 2 Year Rye from Willett, reviewed here, is the perfect everyday rye.  The longer aged 8 Year Rye is cask strength and bottled at an 58.3% ABV.  This particular tasting is from the barrel labeled 01A, note that each barrel will have different flavor profiles.

The nose is full of spicy rye with some underlying sweet notes.  The taste is again spicy with fresh hints of mint.  The finish is long, warm and herbal.  As expected it has a much deeper depth of flavor than the younger 2 year sibling.  These specific tasting notes are without adding any water, adding water opens up more of the underlying sweet notes.

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