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My Bourbon Thoughts: Smooth Ambler Old Scout 10

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A hands-on review of Smooth Ambler Old Scout 10.  The good, the bad, and the delicious.

Smooth Ambler Old Scout 10 Review

You get used to seeing the same bourbon bottles on the shelf of the local liquor store.  Some days, even though there are new products on the shelf, most of them are not worth buying.   But if you have a good relationship with the local liquor store, and the staff is knowledgeable, they will let you know when something new is worth buying.  I am happy that my local liquor store owner suggested that I try the Smooth Ambler Old Scout 10.


Smooth Ambler Old Scout 10 These days it can be confusing to determine who distills their own bourbon and who sources and bottles juice and just sells the sourced products under their label.  The ‘Old Scout’ is product that Ambler has found and bottled, but not distilled itself.  Transparency is good and we should all understand that sourcing is not necessarily a negative thing.

The nose of the Smooth Ambler Old Scout 10 is full of carmel and fruit.  The taste is smooth with sweet carmel and vanilla notes.  The finish still has some sweetness with some oak and rye notes.

The product is 110 proof and a great pick-up if you see a bottle.  Buy it and share it with friends.


Smooth Ambler Old Scout 10

Smooth Ambler Old Scout 10

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