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Rye Whiskey Thoughts: Federalist 12

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Federalist 12 Rye Whiskey

Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, Michigan, created a rye whiskey based on the recipe George Washington distilled himself.  The product. Federalist 12, gets its name from Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist Papers.  In Federalist 12, Hamilton promoted the idea of a tax on whiskey to ‘diminish the consumption of it’; it would also be ‘equally favorable to the agriculture, to the economy, to the morals, and to the health of the society’.

According to Journeyman Distillery the mash bill is predominately rye with corn as the secondary grain.  The nose is sweet with some honey and fruit. The taste is also pleasantly fruity without being too sweet.  The finish is long with the subtle, spicy rye notes shining through at the end.

A great story and a solid product.