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Rye Whiskey Thoughts: Rogue Farms Oregon Rye Whiskey

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Rogue Farms Oregon Rye Whiskey

There is no question that the folks at Rogue know how to brew some of the best beers in the world.  Check out a few of the best beers by Rogue Ales & Spirits.

Over the past few years they have also ramped up their production of different types of spirits.  The Oregon Rye Whiskey is distilled with rye grown on the Rogue farm in Independence, OR.  The rye is ocean aged at least four months in new oak barrels.  The color is noticeably light and clear from the lack of char on the barrels.  The nose is is clean and fruity.  The taste is is again clean and crisp with a spicy rye finish.

The product is interesting and different than your usual rye with the lack of char on the barrels, the short aging period and ocean aging.  It makes for a much cleaner and lighter product than the traditional rye.