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Bourbon Thoughts: Parker’s Heritage Collection Barrel Finished in Orange Curaçao Barrels

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Parker's Heritage Collection Barrel Finished

Parker’s Heritage is always a nice treat to find on your local liquor store shelf so I was excited to pick up this bottle of bourbon finished in orange curaçao barrels.  The blender takes 7 to 8 year old bourbon and finishes them for 4 months in barrels that previously held French orange curaçao liquor.  It is a very interesting flavor but a touch too sweet for my preference; it does makes an excellent manhattan though.

The nose has the orange punch from the barrels, although it is a little burnt.  The taste is sweet and fruity with a balance of wood notes.  The finish is smooth to start but ends a little abruptly with some astringent booze.

All-in-all a fun pour.  If you like the orange notes check out a review of Willet’s version, a 7 year rye finished in orange curaçao barrels.

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