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Bourbon Thoughts: Jefferson’s Groth Reserve Cask Finish

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effersons Reserve Groth Cask Finish


After aging their bourbon in new American oak barrels, the folks at Jefferson’s Reserve finish this bourbon for nine months in French oak barrels; these barrels once held Groth Cabernet Sauvignon.  You can pick up any number of cask finished bourbons but usually they are finished in barrels from a sweeter wine or even a liqueur.  The finish on this bourbon makes for a subtle and smooth pour.  This bottle is from Batch No 1 and bottle No 10,497; each bottle could differ in taste.

It is noticeably copper in color with a nose full of fruit and vanilla, balanced with some woodiness.  The taste is full of fruit but is balanced by some spiciness.  The finish is long, dry and complex, very different than most cask-finished bourbon.  All-and-all this is a fun product from Jefferson’s Reserve.