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My Not Really Bourbon Thoughts: James E. Pepper 1776 Brown Ale

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James E. Pepper American Brown Ale

This is not a bourbon review at all, but is a review of a beer finished much like a bourbon.  James E. Pepper brewed an American Brown Ale and aged it in oak barrels.  The Ale was aged in the same oak barrels in which James E. Pepper recently aged their 1776 Straight Rye Whiskey.  The Ale is a deep, dark brown ale, that, when served, could be mistaken for a stout.  The taste is sweet with coffee, vanilla and oak notes shining through.  The rye comes through a bit on the finish.

Be carful – the ale is 10.4% ABV, which is much higher than most of the conventional beer available today.  There are not a lot of rye barrels hanging around so the ale is, by default, brewed in a limited quantity.  This ale is hard to find so if you can find it, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

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