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Rye Thoughts: Jack Daniel’s Rye

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Jack Daniel's Rye


As the weather gets colder my thoughts of Bourbon turn more to thoughts of Rye.  Distilled much like Bourbon, except the corn is swapped out for rye, in this case 70% rye.  That rye, yes the same rye that you find in your rye bread, adds a nice warm, spicy flavor making it the perfect winter drink.

The Jack Daniel’s Rye has a sweet nose, like Jack Daniel’s Bourbon, but those rye notes come through too.  The taste is surprising as it is spicier than the nose, the pepper like qualities show through nicely.  The finish is short and very dry, a nice balance to any of the sweetness.

I am enjoying this new product from Jack Daniel’s and I can see this Rye making its way into many dry, rye, Manhattan’s this winter.

*This product was provided to Brostrick as a sample but that in no way affected this review in any way.