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Rye Thoughts: Bulleit Rye 12 Year

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I usually enjoy Bulleit Rye and when I am at a bar or having a drink at the airport – it is my go-to brand.  I was surprised to see their Bulleit 95 Rye aged 12 years.  I have seen their bourbon aged for 10 years but up until today never their rye so I was excited to give it a try.

The mashbill of this product is 95% rye which is one of the largest ratios of rye that I have ever seen.  The nose punches you with that spiciness of the rye but balances nicely with some grassy, chocolate notes.  The 12 years in a barrel shines through when tasting the rye; it is woody but also sweet with dark caramel.  The finish also has a strong woodiness to it and in fact is a touch bitter at the end.

You really don’t see ryes ages for 10 plus years, outside of limited editions or special runs.  It is an interesting pour and one I look forward to enjoying as the weather gets colder.

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