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Bourbon Thoughts: Blade and Bow Bourbon Whiskey

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Blade and Bow Bourbon

Blade and Bow is a relatively new product from Diagio who also produces Bulleit.  Diagio has in its possession as few barrels of whiskey distilled and produced by Stitzel-Weller.  While there is not enough whiskey in the old Stizel-Weller batch to bottle on its own the Diagio team used a solera system to stretch the old juice into the Blade and Bow product.  The solera system is traditionally used in the creation of Sherry to blend older vintages into newer juice before bottling.

The Blade and Bow nose has both the young bright fruit notes as well as the old oak of an aged bourbon.  The taste is light and clean with brightness giving way to spices and oak flavors.  The finish is quick with the bright fruit swirling with the oak and spice.  An overall pleasant tasting that could use more complexity from the older, aged Stizel-Weller batch.

*This product was provided to Brostrick as a sample but that in no way affected this review in any way.