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The Best Gifts For Bourbon Lovers

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Maybe it seems as easy as buying a bottle of bourbon, opening the bottle, pouring a glass and drinking; but there are some products that can be helpful in pouring that perfect glass of bourbon.

1.  Whiskey Stones – $9.95

Whiskey Stones


The perfect product to cool down your bourbon without watering down the taste.

Buy it Now: $9.95

2.  Whiskey Wedge – $19.95

Whiskey Wedge Gift

The shape and volume of this ice cube helps to chill a bourbon without watering it down too much.

Buy it Now: $19.95

3.  Ice Sphere, Ice Cubes – $12.77

Ice Sphere Gifts

Another ice alternative that by sheer volume will not melt quickly and water down your best bourbon.

Buy it Now: $12.77


4.  Bourbon Decanter – $190

Tiffany Decanter

Transfer your favorite bottle of bourbon to this perfect decanter.

Buy it Now: $190

5.  Bourbon Glasses – Set of 2 for $29.50

Whiskey Glass Gifts

A perfect, simple glass with a large opening to to waft the charred-oak aromas.

Buy it Now: $29.95