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Bourbon Thoughts: Jefferson’s Ocean

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Jefferson's Ocean

Jefferson’s Ocean is bourbon that is uniquely barreled at sea.  The process is thought to replicate many original types of bourbons that were shipped via boat and thus unknowingly aged at sea.  Today the folks at Jefferson take the barrels around the world to 5 different continents, crossing the equator 4 times during the journey.  The bottle I tasted here is from Voyage #3, released in October 2014.

The nose is full of dried fruit with hints of citrus.  The taste is sweet with dried fruit which is balanced by a nice heat and more spice than you would expect from a 90 proof bourbon.  The spice gives way to a sweeter taste in the finish.

All-and-all a good tasting bourbon but tough to taste any noticeable change in flavor profile from the aging at sea.