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Bourbon Thoughts: 2015 Micther’s 10 Year Bourbon

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2015 Michter's 10 year old Bourbon


The 2015 Micther’s 10 Year Old Aged Bourbon or the M10 is a smooth pour.  Michter’s marks the neck of their bottles so you are able to see the year of the release; the numbering on the 2015 release starts with ’15’.

The nose is a sweet with chocolate notes.  The sweet, maple flavors carry over in the taste and mingle nicely with the woody oak notes.  The finish is slow and smooth with a hint of spiciness.  The up-front sweetness is really well balanced with the woody, spicy notes that come in on the back-end.

All-and-all a really nice bourbon and one of the better pours of the 2015 realeases.  Read the 2014 review here.