My Bourbon Thoughts: Old Weller Antique

Old Weller Antique

Old Weller Antique is another bourbon label distilled by the good folks at Buffalo Trace but most of the chatter you hear about Old Weller is its connection to Pappy.  The Van Winkle family developed the original Weller recipe and thus most people consider these bottles to be close relatives to their more expensive, harder to find big brother – Pappy Van Winkle.

Much like Pappy, the Weller bourbon is wheated.  Replacing some of the rye with wheat makes it a very smooth 107 proof.  The nose is carmel with fruit and citrus.  The taste is sweet with carmel and vanilla pushing through.  The alcohol shines through a bit at the end but not in a harsh or overpowering way; rather, with hints of cinnamon.

It is a solid bourbon that comes at an affordable price point of around $45 – buy it if you see it, and enjoy.

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