The 12 Best Quotes and Scenes From Animal House

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Animal House changed the way we looked at college and defined the toga party forever.  It took John Belushi from SNL to the movie screen and launched Kevin Bacon’s career.  Oh, and just about every scene is hysterically funny….

1.  When you are in BIG trouble.


2.  Only we can talk to our pledges that way.


3.  Words to live by.


4.  That boy is a P-I-G, pig!


5.  I didn’t do it…


6.  Parties can cure all your problems. Toga. Toga. Toga. Toga.


7.  Average GPA’s tend to be higher.


8.  With a 0.0 GPA you can’t hold him to all the facts.


9.  Hippies.


10.  Wait for it…


11.  Tough Day!


12.  The End!