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17 Amazing Gifts For Girls Who are Finally 10 Years Old!

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Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls 2024 - Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls 2024

For real, where did the time go?!  She was once your little girl and now she’s officially 10 years old.  How did that happen?!  Being a mom of multiple kids if there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that each child is different and, when it comes to girls, they all have different interests.  Sure some 10 year olds still love toys, princesses, and the like. Other girls are totally into their creative side, love a DIY project, and are into sports and tech gadgets.  Our only advice?  Never put them in a box and don’t sweat it if they’re bouncing back and forth between younger stuff to older stuff regularly.  They’re still figuring it all out!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect girl gift for their birthday, Christmas, or just because you’re feeling generous we really do have something for just about every type of ten-year-old out there.  From glam and beauty, to arts-n-crafts projects and bedroom decor to silly fun games and toys we’ve got you totally covered this season.

Check out some of the best gift ideas for 10 year old girls in 2024!


The Go Glam Nail Stamper – Shop It Here
Best For Trendy Girls

Buy Here

One of the top sellers for girls this season, it’s the perfect gift for the girl who’s starting to get interested in fashionable nails and wants to try out some new trends.  This at-home kit comes with 5 different templates for about 125 nails to stamp.  Super cute.


The Fujifilm Instant Camera – Shop It Here
Best For Instant Gratification

Buy Here

Yes, they’re totally into taking pics all the time now.  And even though they’re only 10, they somehow are interested in the cameras we used to use back in the day.  This is the latest from Fujifilm, provides instant photos printed out and, don’t worry, it still allows them to take their endless selfies with the built-in selfie mode.


The Pillow/Cushion Face – Shop It Here
Best For Funny Gifts

Buy Here

A great pick to add their bedroom or playroom with their face, their siblings face, their dog, or even their best friend who’s always over the house.


The LED Cinema Lightbox – Shop It Here
Best For Inspiration

Buy Here

As you’ve probably heard out of their mouth, everything is now about being a total mood.  Now they can set their mood and create some inspirational and positive messages on their own light-up cinema box.  It’ll add the perfect touch to their room.


The Personalized Reversible Sequins Flip Pillow – Shop It Here
Best For Tweens

Buy Here

You can customize this trendy sequins flip pillow with a photo of them, you, their friends, or whomever.  When they use their hand to flip the sequins up it’ll reveal the pic. This one comes in a bunch of different colors too. Check out more tween gift ideas here!


The Tulip One-Step Tie Dye Kit – Shop It Here
Best For DIY Girls

Buy Here

This year it’s oddly all about tie-dye everything.  We guess everything old is new again (again).  Now they can make their own super creative tie-dye designs on t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and more.  This must have kit comes with 18 different colors so they’ll be able to make a bunch of really cool designs at home (preferably in the yard).


The LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter CourseShop It Here
Best For Toy Fans

Lego Super Mario Adventures Starter Course

Buy Here

Let’s a go! In this starter course, Lego Mario collects virtual coins as he runs and jumps from the Start Pipe to the Goal Pole by way of Lego bricks, cloud platforms, the Question Mark Block, clashes with Goomba and Bowser Jr!  Mario has a color sensor, plus LCD eyes, mouth and belly to display over 100 different instant reactions to movement. Includes a speaker that plays iconic sounds and music from the video game.


The Acer Touch Screen Chromebook – Shop It Here
Best For Learn From Home

Buy Here

We’ve all been put to the test this  year, especially with the quarantine and “at home learning” which is pretty much a nightmare.  This latest Chromebook will make it easier for them to sign into all their Zoom classes, do their homework and, yes, even play a little Minecraft from time to time…because they totally deserve the break. Check out more tech ideas here!


Crazy Aarons “Thinking Putty”  – Shop It Here
Best For Anti-Stress

Buy Here

Needless to say, everyone is a total stress case this year.  If your 10 year old is trying to keep a chill vibe or could use a little help, this fun “Thinking Putty’ is something they can play with to help take their mind of things, relax, and get some of their stresses out in a healthy way.


The Mermaid Tail Blanket – Shop It Here
Best For Cozy Gal

Buy Here

Yep, mermaid tail (crocheted) blankets are a total thing this year.  We totally blame Ariel.  Pick your favorite color and you’re basically done with your shopping.


The Mad Moves Game – Shop It Here
Best For Sleepovers

Buy Here

Get ready to dance like everyone is watching!  It’s the really fun (and active) game that girls are obsessing over, especially during their sleepovers.  Roll the dice to see what kind of crazy fun dance moves you’ll be performing.


The Mini Bluetooth Unicorn Speaker – Shop It Here
Best For Music Lovers

Buy Here

These once made Oprah’s Favorite Things list and now they have so many different animals to choose from.  This mini bluetooth speaker (that fits in your hand) has amazing sound and can even be clipped onto their bag, bike, and more.


The Creative Your Own Doodle Pillowcase – Shop It Here
Best For Creative Types

Buy Here

If they love an arts-n-crafts project and a little decor they’ll love creating their own doodle designs on their pillowcase! Check out more personalized gift ideas here!


The Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers – Shop It Here
Best For Flying Tech

Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers

Buy Here

We had to add this fun toy everyone is buzzing about, especially for the girl who still is sorta-kinda-almost into toys and pixies! She’ll be able to launch her from the base, or lift her into the air – then use your hands to guide her along and, yes, she really does fly all over the place!


The Bluetooth Karaoke Machine – Shop It Here
Best For Performers

Buy Here

Ok we know what you’re thinking.  A karaoke machine, really?  But this was is so cool.  First off, it has disco lights (!!) and you can record and playback all the songs that they sing.  Oh come on, you know you love it!


The Cutest Eyeglasses Holder – Shop It Here
Best For Organizing

Moko Eyeglasses Holder

Buy Here

Maybe they’ll stop tossing their eyeglasses on the floor by the bed.  Keep them safe and sound and know where they are at all times!  Choose a few different funny face options!


The ‘Choose Kindness’ T-Shirt – Shop It Here
Best For Anti-Bullying

Buy Here

A unique way send a positive message during the school year and outside of school too! This comfy tee comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from.


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