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Initial Here: 17 Perfect Personalized Gifts They’ll Totally Appreciate

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Personalized Gifts 2024 - Monogrammed & Customized Christmas Gift Ideas 2024

Nothing adds that extra special touch to your thoughtful gift quite like having it monogrammed or plain old personalized. There are a to of options out there and it can be pretty overwhelming.  So whether you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift, something special for their wedding or anniversary, a totally unique idea for their birthday, or just want to bust their chops and get them something funny (like with your face on), we’ve got you covered.  And did you know that Amazon actually has a great customization shop?!  Since we basically buy everything from them anyway, we’ve added some best-selling options from them too!

We’ve rounded up some of the best personalized gifts to give almost anyone in 2024!  Who know this could actually be so fun!?


The Customize Family Print – Shop It Here
Best For Families

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One of our favorites this season, this super cute fully customizable family print makes the perfect gift (or just grab one for yourself).  Choose how many people you want, pets, skin-tone, and so much more.


The Stars in the Sky Map – Shop It Here
Best For Nostalgia

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Whether you’re looking for something special for their birthday, their anniversary, graduation, Christmas or whenever this is one of the sweetest ideas we’ve seen in a while.  You provide the date (and the name) and they’ll create a print of exactly how the stars looked in the sky that night.  “When the stars aligned” now has a whole new meaning.


The Pillow/Cushion Face – Shop It Here
Best For Funny Gifts

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There are too many jokes for this one, but seriously how awesome are the personalized face pillows?  Whether you’re looking for the perfect joke gift or just really want them to cuddle up with your face, you can’t go wrong.  And you totally know they don’t have this already!


The “I Can Change the World” Book – Shop It Here
Best For Young Kids

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Perfect for any of the children on your list, simply add their name to this positive and impactful book that reminds them that, yes, they really can change the world.  We could all use that reminder these days.


The Personalized Reversible Sequins Flip Pillow – Shop It Here
Best For Teens & Tweens

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Check off the gift you need to get for that teenage girl on your list, because this is it!  You can customize this trendy sequins flip pillow with a photo of them, you, their friends, or whomever.  When they use their hand to flip the sequins up it’ll reveal the pic. This one comes in a bunch of different colors too.


The Custom Engraved Wallet – Shop It Here
Best For Guys

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This one is actually one of Amazon’s best-sellers in their “Customized Shop” and currently has over 1,100 ratings and reviews. Upload their favorite pic (great for anniversaries, Father’s Day, Christmas, etc) and it’ll be beautifully engraved on the wallet. It’s also makes a great gift ideas for the man who has everything. Choose from a few different color wallet options.


The Funny Face Socks – Shop It Here
Best For Jokesters

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So what do you get the person who has everything?  Uh, THIS!  These face socks have recently gone viral (and for all the right reasons).  Upload your face, theirs, their dog, their cat, their mom, etc.  Choose from all sorts of colors too.  Genius and creepy all at the same time!


The Birth Month Flower Necklace  – Shop It Here
Best For Her

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When you’re shopping for your wife or girlfriend and looking for something totally unique and person, this is one of our faves of the season.  All you have to know is her birthday (or at least just the month) and then choose the super pretty pendant necklace based on her birth month.


The Living Dog Parent Coffee Mug – Shop It Here
Best For Dog Lover

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Whether they’re a loving dog mom or a dog dad, this is the perfect dog-approved gift for them.  You can choose a variety of custom features, dog breed, and even add their names to the mug.  Super cute.


The Moon & Stars Nightlight – Shop It Here
Best For Little Sleepers

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If you got some little ones who may be slightly scared of the dark (or even adults who are!), you can have their name added to this whimsical moon and starts nightlight.  They’ll be having sweet dreams before they know it!


The Monogrammed Slouch Tote Bag – Shop It Here
Best For Mom

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She loves her totes and now you can have her name monogrammed directly on this beauty!  It’s one of Minted’s top sellers of the year (already) so snag yours while you still can.


The Mr & Mrs Candle Set – Shop It Here
Best For Weddings

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Looking to get them a little something extra for their wedding?  Added their name and date to this pretty candle set.  Even better?  Choose from Mr & Mrs, Mr & Mr, or Mrs & Mrs. Inclusion FTW!


The Truck & Name Pillow – Shop It Here
Best For Kids Decor

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Add a little personalization to any kids room with this really cute truck pillow where you can add their name!  There are a ton of different pillow options and designs too.  Perfect for just about any little boy or girl!


The Dancing Family Print – Shop It Here
Best For Families

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Perfect for the family who’s always the life of the party!  Choose the people, name the DJ booth, add a song title, and name each person in your print. If you’re looking for something for your parents, who already have everything, this just might be it! Choose from a few different frames too!


The “Goodnight Little ____” – Shop It Here
Best For Bedtime Stories

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Kids always love to hear their name in their bedtime story.  Now you can add theirs to this storybook and, when at the right age, they’ll love reading along too!


The Custom Pet Portrait – Shop It Here
Best For Pet Lovers

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If they love their pet (and they do) they’ll quite possibly be moved to tears (in a good way) when you gift them this custom pet portrait.  A bit on the pricer side, but totally worth it.


The Personalized Leather Coasters Shop It Here
Best For Adults

Personalized Leather Coasters

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Because leaving drink rings on their coffee table is just plain terrible.  Add their name to it and they’ll feel like they’re officially adulting.