20 Unusual Christmas Gifts That Aim to Please

Best Unusual Christmas Gifts

When you’re at the end of your rope trying to find the perfect Christmas present this year, go for something a little more unusual (that they’ll still love!). Remember, unusual doesn’t have to mean ‘tacky.’  Please even the pickiest person in your family by shopping our 17 favorite unusual xmas gifts this holiday season.

1.  USB Typewriter for Your iPad, Mac and More – Buy It Here For $899

For those who want to experience a little nostalgia with their technology.

Buy Now: $899

2.  Laser Projection Keyboard – Buy It Here For $150

Laser Projection Keyboard

For those who need everything bluetooth….and futuristic.

Buy Now: $150

3.  Vintage Personal Arcade Skeeball – Buy It Here For $8,995


For those whose house is so cool, they never need to leave.

Buy Now: $8,995

4.  Ceramic Tall Coffee Mug – Buy It Here For $15

It's Coffee to Me - Coffee Mug Gift Idea 2016

For those who may not be drinking coffee in the morning.  We’re not judging.

Buy Now: $15

5.  Shark Bite Stapler  – Buy It Here For $145

Shark Bite Stapler

For those who don’t want Shark Week to end.

Buy Now: $145

6.  Personalized LP Record – Buy It Here For $150


For the music lover.

Buy Now: $150

7.  Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Press – Buy It Here For $40

Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Press

Because starting your morning any other way than with an R2-D2 coffee is, well, just plain pointless.

Buy Now On Sale: $40

8.  The 8,000 Stars Home Planetarium – Buy It Here For $130

8000 Stars Home Planetarium

For those who wish they could sleep under the stars 365 days a year.

Buy Now: $130

9.  Giant Wall Scrabble Game – Buy It Here For $1,795

Giant Wall Scrabble Game

For those who love old school board games and triple word scores.

Buy Now: $1,795

10.  Giant Wooden Yard Dice – Buy It Here For $50


For the camper or lover of drinking games.  Never lose dice again!

Buy Now: $50

11.  The Levitating Bluetooth Speaker – Buy It Here For $100

Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

For those who love gadgets and a good conversation piece.  And of course, because it levitates.

Buy Now: $100

12.  ViewSonic PJD5155 SVGA HDMI DLP, 3300 Lumens Projector – Buy It Here For $300

ViewSonic Projector

With 3,300 lumens, they’ll be ready to host outdoor movie night for the neighborhood.

Buy Now: $300

13.  iPhone Charger Sticker Faces Set – Buy It Here for $13

iPhone Charger Sticker Set

Because those plain, white Apple chargers are so….plain.  Great gift for tweens.

Buy Now: $13

14.  The Instant Mini Photo Printing Camera – Buy It Here For $120

Instant Mini Photo Camera

Take the next generation down memory lane with old-timey instant photos.  Shaking like a Polaroid picture not required.

Buy Now: $120

15.  Crimson Heart Umbrella – Buy It Here for $38

Crimson Heart Umbrella

For those who love love.  And literally being the bright spot on a rainy day.

Buy Now: $38

16.  Magnetic Cassette Bookmarks, Set of 2 – Buy It Here For $11

Cassette Bookmark

For the avid reader.

Buy Now: $11

17.  Himalayan Cube Salt Lamp – Buy It Here For $22

Himalayan Salt Lamp

For the zen seeker.

Buy Now: $22

18.  Tea Drop Sampler – Buy It Here For $34

Tea Drops Sampler

So cute!  A unique way to enjoy some tea…makes a great hostess gift was well.

Buy Now: $34

19.  Apple Pencil for iPad Pro – Buy It Here For $95

Apple Pencil iPad Pro

Creates subtle shading and produces a wide range of artistic effects — just like with a regular pencil, but with pixel-perfect precision!

Buy Now: $95

20.  The Messless Chocolate Milk Mixing Mug – Buy It Here For $18

Messless Chocolate Milk Mixing Mug

Add milk and chocolate syrup (or powder) to the tumbler, then press the button.  Perfect consistency!  Works with hot chocolate as well.

Buy Now: $18

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