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Solo Stove Coupons & Promo Codes

I’ve found more than 14 different ways to save at Solo Stove with (and without) coupons in July 2024.

Ways to Save This Month!

Don’t get duped by some sites making claims to have their own exclusive coupons for Solo Stove – just shop direct with Solo Stove because they’re fully transparent on all their offers – like an extra $10 coupon, 10% discount code for students and more!

Solo Stove Coupons July 2024

Why Trust Us

The editorial team here at Brostrick has been manually reviewing and hand-selecting coupons, promo codes, and deals from some of our favorite retailers since 2014.

The team has direct relationships with hundreds of the top retailers, including Solo Stove, so we will only provide a coupon or deal if it’s accurate, working, and live.  We check on a weekly and monthly basis to see which offers have expired or no longer working or if new offers have been added.

We do not allow users to post their coupon codes (because those seldom work or are truthful) and we do not use any third parties to write coupons and deals for us.  We’ve seen them on dozens of other sites and we’ve never found one that works or is “real.”  So you can trust that any offer you’ve seen here at Brostrick was vetted, written, and updated by multiple members of our editorial team.  Shop on!

Solo Stove

We at Brostrick have been reviewing Solo Stove since 2018.  You may see them listed in so many of our gift guides.  So, while they are expensive we wanted to give you a heads up on some really easy ways to save without having to sell your first born (don’t do that) or scour the internet for coupons that usually never work.  

We’ve done all the work for you, have worked with Solo Stove, and are now providing our beloved readers with one place you can find all the latest offers and promotions to help save you time and, hopefully, a little cash too.

Free Shipping

We discovered that one of the best perks from Solo Stove is their Free Shipping & Delivery offer.  In fact, you don’t even need any type of code take part.  When you spend just $99 you’re automatically eligible for their free shipping.  They also offer free returns (with some restrictions) and a lifetime warranty.  You can’t beat it.

How to Get 10% Off

After thoroughly researching this over the last few years, Solo Stove’s coupon policy has really evolved.  While they typically don’t give these out often, they do offer a generous 10% coupon code for verified students and verified everyday heroes (like military, first responders, teachers, nurses and more.  We get into all the specific details below.  Get Verified Here.

Solo Stove also offers an pretty quick and easy $10 code for your order if you’re either a first time buyer on their website or you sign up with your email address.  $10 has never been easier.

Military Discount

Solo Stove current offers a special discount code for those who have served in the military.

Student Discount

At this time, we were able to find a 10% promo code for students who are interested in purchasing something from Solo Stove. You just need to verify you're currently a student.

First Reponder/Nurse

Yep, first responders, nurses, and even teachers are all part of their "hero" program. Once verified you'll get your own discount code you can use. Some restrictions do apply.

Older Solo Stove Coupons Worth Checking Out

Take $5 off your next order when you sign up with your email address or text messaging.

Expires:  January 2

The more you spend, the more you save at Solo Stove!  When you spend just $300 you’ll get a $50 coupon you can use on your current or future purchase.  Please note, this offer does expire.

Expires:  October, 31

Just in time for the cooler weather, Solo Stove is providing an extra 15% coupon you can use on select outdoor fire pits and more.  Please note, restrictions apply as does expiration.


Expires:  November 15

Get your free shipping direct from Solo Stove when you spend a minimum of $99 on your online order.  This ongoing promotion is only applicable when you shop directly from the Solo Stove website and not third party retailers.  No promo code needed.

Expires:  December, 2024

Get a free thermometer with the purchase of any official Solo Stove pizza oven.  

Expires:  June 30

Get yourself a free Mesa torch when you buy a pack of three.  No code required.  Your shopping cart will automatically update.

Expires:  June 30

Solo Stove FAQ

They sure do!  In fact, in addition to their military discount, they also offer discounts for first responders, teachers and students.  Simply verify your eligibility by signing in, and Solo Stove will send you a unique discount code to apply to your order.


In our humble opinion, yes it does.  However it seems that sometimes these types of fire pits are referred to as “smokeless.”  We feel that there really isn’t anything out there that is truly smokeless.  But our Solo Stove is absolutely a low smoke option.  We noticed a drastic difference, especially when we burn the right type of wood.

These outdoor fire pits can actually rust over time.  Like most things that are left to be exposed to the natural elements over an extended period of time, it will start to show a little wear and tear – even though you’re dealing with a rust resistant stainless steel.  We try to extend the life of ours by storing it in a drier location after it’s cooled completely, and also utilize the shelter (cover).


It doesn’t.  This is a wood burning, outdoor stove/fire pit!


It doesn’t come with the shelter or stand, but can be purchased separately, along with a whole slew of accessories.  If you’re all in, you can shop their bundles, where you’ll save a little cash if you bundle items together.

Currently, yes they do!  Teachers are part of their “heroes” program so once you verify that you are a teacher they’ll provide you with your own teacher discount code (this can very from either $10, 10% or even 15% off at various times of the year).

At this time, yes they do!  Currently, Solo Stove products have a lifetime warranty which will  guarantee their products against manufacturing defects.

Brostrick's Solo Stove Experience

We tend to use (and love) a fire pit any time of year, but we definitely could do without the high smoke scenarios.  It just seems to follow us – no matter where we attempt move our chair.  Solo Stove is known as a game changer when it comes to hanging around and warming up by an outdoor fire.  So if you and your family – or buddies tend to spend a lot of time outside all year round, it might be time to swap out your older fire pit for one of these.  And that one friend who seems to attract the smoke stream no matter where they sit will be most grateful.

We were already the owners of your typical, run of the mill fire pit (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but when we first read about these low smoke stoves, we were intrigued.  After doing a little research, including the reviews on Wired, we finally decided to give it a try.  Full disclosure, we did wait until there were plenty of solid reviews before jumping in.

Living in the Northeast (or any chillier climate), will give you about 3 solid months of really nice weather.  After that, it can typically be hit or miss.  If you’re from here, you know exactly what we’re talking about.  However, having a backyard skating rink can definitely make our yard a gathering space – even on the coldest of days.  In order to keep the party going outdoors, no matter the weather, we picked up a Solo Stove fire pit.  Not to mention, we were more than thrilled to add this alongside our recent Ooni outdoor pizza oven purchase.  S’mores, drinks and pizza?  Sold.  Our personal take is that no fire pit is truly smokeless. But this did cut back drastically on the amount of smoke flying around – especially with the right kind of fire wood.

Whether you’re an avid camper or just love having people over to your yard for a few beers, music, a little conversation and some laughs.  These really are a win, and we even have friends who’ve purchased one after checking ours out.  True story.