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7 Vegan Collagen Boosters for Healthier Hair, Skin and Nails

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Best Vegan Collagen Booster Supplements & Powders 2024

The use of collagen powder, supplements and liquids has steadily gained popularity in recent years.  Typically made from animal sources, this left the plant based and vegan community searching for an option as well.  Can collagen powder be vegan?  The short answer is, not really.  In fact, true vegan collagen is very hard to come by.  But there are vegan options that are formulated as collagen boosters, and are made using genetically modified yeast and bacteria.  As a result, these supplements are vegan friendly, and are said to benefit skin, hair, and nails.

Many of the collagen boosters contain vitamins and minerals such as copper, and zinc, as well as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and B vitamins.  So if you’re looking to add a little something to your beauty routine, this could help you take it to the next level – especially since we tend to lose collagen as we age.  Since true vegan collagen can be difficult to find, we’ve dug around to find out which supplements are clean, natural, and plant based, so you can still obtain healthy skin, hair and nails – while staying true to your lifestyle.  These supplements typically come in both capsule, and protein powder form.

Overall, you know the drill.  When it comes to supplements, we always come across the well-known disclaimer:  “Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.”  So before dabbling with anything, always have a chat with your doctor.  We actually carried our container of collagen powder (that didn’t fit in our purse) right into the doctor’s office and asked her if it was safe.  Double checking will keep you in the know on any pros and cons – so you know what to expect, or what to stay away from.

After getting the all clear, one of the most important things you can do when choosing a supplement or topical is read the label.  After digging around on some brands that came in different flavors, or targeted different needs, we noticed that some flavors were vegan, while others were not.

If you’re interested in looking into a vegan supplement, or want to switch from bovine to something plant based, we’ve included a list that are worth checking out, including:

A powder that comes in 3 flavors, perfect for adding to vegan smoothies
A tonic made from a BIPOC-Owned Business
An topical moisturizer with quick results

Shop our picks for some of the top vegan collagen boosters in 2024.


Amazing Grass
GLOW Vegan Collagen Support with Biotin and Plant Based Protein Powder (Vanilla Honeysuckle)

Amazing Grass GLOW Vegan Collagen Support with Biotin & Plant based Protein Powder


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This powder supports collagen and contains vitamin C made from organic acerola cherry.  It also uses 100% DV plant based biotin, plant based protein and B vitamins, and organic rose petal.  Each serving (about one scoop) provides 15g of vegan protein that is USDA organic, gluten free and has no added sugar.  Simply add it to water or your favorite smoothie  Pick it up here.


Ora Organic
Aloe Gorgeous Vegan Collagen-Boosting Powder

Ora Organic Vegan Collagen Boosting Powder

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Available in 3 flavors – chocolate, peanut butter, and vanilla, this powder is certified organic, GMO free, vegan, and plant based. It includes pea protein, organic vitamin C from acerola cherry, vitamin E from sunflowers, and silica from bamboo to support structural components in skin, hair, and nails.  Add a scoop to your favorite plant based milk, smoothie or coffee.  Pick it up here.


Anima Mundi
Plant Based Collagen Booster

Anima Mundi Plant Based Collagen Booster


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*BIPOC-Owned Business – These ingredients are ethically sourced, and contains He Shou Wu, Horsetail, Gynostemma, Nettles, Calendula, and Comfrey.  Simply add one teaspoon of tonic to water, juice or tea.  Pick it up here.


Vegan Collagen Overnight Recovery Cream

Pacifica Vegan Collagen Overnight Recovery Cream


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This 100% vegan, cruelty-free overnight cream contains vitamins C and E, flower extracts and antioxidants.  It is suitable for all skin types, as well as daily use.  Many reviewers on this one said they noticed a difference in their skin right away (some within minutes!).  Pick it up here.


Complete Plant Collagen Builder

PlantFusion Complete Plant Collagen Builder

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PlantFusion uses a unique blend of Saberry amla fruit extract, amino acids proline and glycine, and proteins from plants which  are essential for collagen growth.  Hydrate skin and joints, and protect existing collagen by adding to shakes and smoothies.  Pick it up here.


Vegan Collagen Booster Gummies

HerbaLand Vegan Collagen Booster Gummies

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Plant based and sugar free, these watermelon gummies contain Amla Fruit, L-Lysine, Vitamin A and Vitamin C to help support collagen production for healthier hair, skin and nails.  They are also gluten free, soy free, and peanut free.  Pick it up here.


Vegan Collagen Anti-Aging Jelly Face Mask

Truly Vegan Collagen Anti-Aging Jelly Face Mask


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Formulated with vegan collagen, retinol, and vitamin C, this face mask helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improving the skins texture and smoothness.  Once applied, the jelly feels both, fresh and moisturizing – for glowing, hydrated skin. Pick it up here.

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