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6 Turmeric Face Masks for Glowing Skin When You Don’t Want to DIY

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Best Turmeric Face Masks 2024

Turmeric face masks have been on the up-trend over the past few years – and with good reason.  Turmeric has so many good skin benefits, as well as anti-inflammatory properties, making these masks a great option for problem skin.  Recently, these have been  a go-to for people with acne, acne prone skin, and overall skin dullness.  The best part is that these masks come in a variety of forms and consistencies, from powders to peel offs – so it’s easy to find something that falls in line with your preferred skin care routine.

If you love all things beauty, it’s hard not to be intrigued by this trend.  In addition to helping with acne, turmeric is also said to help with oily skin and hyperpigmentation.  It can brighten the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and glowing after a little self care session.  We’re in!  We’re also happy to find that there are several brands that make these masks, blending it with superfoods and antioxidants – so you can snag one with your particular skin needs.  Some mix things up with banana, cranberry seeds for exfoliating, ginger, and more.  And while we love a little DIY,  mixing gone wrong can leave your skin, sink and other things yellow/orange.  We know because we may or may not have tried it (we did).  If you decide to buy a mask instead of making your own, we’ve got some great options below – all with great reviews.

To help you find what’s best for you, we’re including a well-rounded list of products like:

A face mask that you can mix up yourself for a fresh mask every time
A budget friendly mask with 3-4 uses, so you can try before you commit
An Allure Best of Beauty Winner
An Amazon pick that tingles, tightens and warms!

Shop our picks for some of the top turmeric face masks in 2024.


Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque

Kiehls Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque


Buy on Nordstrom

Available at Nordstrom, this Kiehl’s mask energizes the skin, and is suitable for all skin types.  Made with turmeric and cranberry seeds, this gently exfoliates, so if smooth soft skin is your goal, this gets the job done. This one is quick and easy.  Simply apply and let it dry for 10 minutes – which is great if you don’t have 30 minutes to dedicate.  Rinse with warm water using gentle circles to allow the cranberry seed to exfoliate, and bam – soft, smooth skin.  Pick it up here.


First Aid Beauty
Hello FAB Ginger & Turmeric Vitamin C Jelly Mask

First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Ginger & Turmeric Vitamin C Jelly Mask


Buy on Sephora

This alcohol free mask is loaded with superfoods.  Made with ginger and turmeric for stressed-out skin, and vitamin C to brighten the skin, this jelly is refreshing and moisturizing.  All skin types can kick dryness, dulness, and redness to the curb.  Simply apply and leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse with water, or remove with a warm wash cloth.   As an added bonus, this Allure Beauty Winner carried at Sephora is also vegan, and formulated without gluten, soy, nuts, nano, and parthenolide.  Pick it up here.


Addicted Beauty
Turmeric Glow Peel off Mask

Addicted Beauty Turmeric Glow Peel off Mask


Buy on Macy′s

If peel-off masks are your thing, this is a great pick.  This removes excess oil, dead skin cells and peels off easily – revealing fresh, glowing skin.   Apply and let dry for 20 – 30 minutes, and gently peel off from the edges.  The anti-inflammatory turmeric is rich with antioxidants to help reduce inflammation and brighten the skin.  Pick it up here.


Eminence Organic Skin Care
Turmeric Energizing Treatment 


Buy on Dermstore

This is a 3-in-1 facial treatment that begins as a powder and turns into a whipped-texture when activated with water.  The powder-to-mousse draws out impurities, purifies and brightens.  You can make a fresh mask by using 1 small scoop of powder and gradually stirring in a few drops of water until you have a whipped-mousse texture.   Apply a thin layer to the face, and if desired, to neck and décolleté. Let dry 10-30 minutes and rinse with water, massaging gently to exfoliate the skin.  (A hot tingling sensation lasting a few minutes is a natural response to this product).   Pick it up here.


Ulta Beauty
Turmeric & Ginger Brightening Superfood Mud Mask

Ulta Beauty Turmeric & Ginger Brightening Superfood Mud Mask


Buy on Ulta

Superfoods turmeric and ginger deliver nutrients that help brighten dull, uneven skin, leaving behind a radiant glow.  To use, cleanse skin and apply – allowing it to dry for up to 15 minutes.  Rinse with warm water and glow!  Enjoy 3-4 uses per pouch.  Pick it up here.


FarmHouse Fresh
Mighty Tighty Turmeric & Banana Tightening Mask

FarmHouse Fresh Mighty Tighty Turmeric & Banana Tightening Mask


Buy on Amazon

This tightening face mask with turmeric, fresh bananas, and echinacea extract firms and brightens.  If you love a tightening and tingling mask, as well as the smell of bananas –  this is a great pick.  Apply to clean skin and wait for the “pulling” and  tingling sensation to begin! Once dry, simply rinse off with water, and feel soft, smooth skin.    Pick it up here.

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