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6 Gua Sha Facial Tools to De-Puff and De-Stress Your Skin

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Best Gua Sha Facial Tools 2024

If you’ve never heard of gua sha (pronounced gwah-shah) tools and stones, you’re not alone – but we’re here to tell you that these tools, and concept actually isn’t anything new.  A facial massage and skin care technique derived from traditional Chinese medicine where these tools are used to “scrape” the skin.  Sounds – interesting?  It’s so easy to be inundated with the latest beauty trends nowadays because they seem to come at us from every angle.  You’d be hard pressed to scroll through TikTok and Instagram without seeing video after video of makeup tips, strange hacks, and at-home DIY’s.

However, we were intrigued with this facial massage technique a while back, and jumped on board.  We’ve purchased a jade gua sha facial stone, and added it to our beauty routine – and we’re still at it almost 2 years later!  While the expert jury is still out on whether or not these are game changers, we’ve really enjoyed using ours.  Our skin just has more life in it after we’ve massaged it, and it feels amazing on our sinus headaches and general morning puffiness and pressure.  Before we got started, we checked out this YouTube video that seemed to be popping up everywhere, and the general consensus was that this tutorial seemed to be the most accurate and authentic.

Technique is important.  You’ll want to be sure your tool is at the correct angle, so it glides smoothly across your skin and doesn’t actually “scrape.”  Think more like the flat side of the tool – not so much the edge.  You will also want a good quality stone.  Less expensive ones can be tempting, but better quality means that it will be less likely to break, and may be better overall for your skin.  A slightly heavier tool is also easier to work with and handle.  And speaking of easier to work with, a good facial oil is also needed.  As we mentioned, the goal here is for the tool to glide smoothly over the skin.  If you have problematic skin, or struggle with acne it’s a good idea to check in with your dermatologist to ensure this won’t aggravate any existing issues.  Lastly, gua sha isn’t for everyone.  People undergoing chemotherapy, are pregnant, use fillers, have visible facial veins, rosacea, etc…should check in with a doctor or dermatologist before adding this to their routine.

You know the drill: The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These items are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

If you do decide to give this facial tool a try, we’ve got some great options below including:

An Amazon Best Seller
An Eye Treatment Tool for Puffy Eyes
A Jade Tool that is Perfect for Chin, Jaw, Cheeks and Forehead

Shop our picks for some of the top gua sha facial tools in 2024.


Mount Lai
Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool

Mount Lai Gua Sha Facial Tool


Buy on Sephora

Available at Sephora, this facial massage tool can help lift and smooth the skin, leaving the face glowing.  The jade  is a stone that has balancing properties and retains its coolness, while the rose quartz version is a crystal with calming properties.  Due to the natural variations of the stone, color and pattern may vary.  Pick it up here.


Skin Gym
Rose QuartzCrystal Gua Sha Sculpty Facial Tool

Skin Gym Rose Quartz Crystal Gua Sha Sculpty Facial Tool


Buy on Nordstrom

This tool, made from rose quartz is said to aid in beautifying and healing, as well as helps ease tension, stress and anxiety.  Each Sculpty tool is unique, which will result in varying shades and colors.    Pick it up here.


Gua Sha Sculptor

OSEA Gua Sha Sculptor


Buy on Nordstrom

This uniquely shaped stone lifts and defines your facial contours. It can also help to melt muscle tension and improve skin firmness The notched side glides along the chin and jaw, while the other side sculpts the cheeks and forehead.  Pick it up here.


Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool

Deayoka Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool

Price not available ( Off!)

Buy on Amazon

This rose quartz tool is available on Amazon, making it an easy option if that’s where you seem to do a lot of your shopping.  100% authentic rose quartz,  this includes usage instructions, as well as a small storage bag.   Pick it up here.


Mount Lai
De-Puffing Rose Quartz Eye Treatment Tool

Mount Lai De-Puffing Rose Quartz Eye Treatment Tool


Buy on Sephora

This version allows you concentrate on your eyes and is geared toward targeting dark circles, puffiness, as well as fine lines and wrinkles.   Feels amazing – soothing and relaxing! Pick it up here.


Daily Concepts
Gua Sha Facial Jade Tool

Daily Concepts Gua Sha Facial Jade Tool


Buy on Ulta

This jade facial tool available at Ulta is a solid option as a great price point.  While it is a bit lighter and thinner than some of the more expensive ones, it can definitely get the job done – just as well.  Just be careful not to drop it!     Pick it up here.

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