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Hanacure Coupons For July 2024

I’ve been using the Hanacure mask for over 4 years and, let me tell you, it really does work!  This month I was able to find 3 different ways to save on your Hanacure order when you shop directly on their site with and without coupons.  All the details are below.

Ways to Save This Month!

The best place you can always find active and working coupons, offers, and bundled deals is directly form Hanacure’s website.  From free shipping offers, to a $20 off coupon for email signup you can find everything there in once place.

Hanacure Coupon Codes July 2024

Why Trust Us

The editorial team here at Brostrick has been manually reviewing and hand-selecting coupons, promo codes, and deals from some of our favorite retailers since 2014.

The team has direct relationships with hundreds of the top retailers, including Hanacure, so we will only provide a coupon or deal if it’s accurate, working, and live.  We check on a weekly and monthly basis to see which offers have expired or no longer working or if new offers have been added.

We do not allow users to post their coupon codes (because those seldom work or are truthful) and we do not use any third parties to write coupons and deals for us.  We’ve seen them on dozens of other sites and we’ve never found one that works or is “real.”  So you can trust that any offer you’ve seen here at Brostrick was vetted, written, and updated by multiple members of our editorial team.  Shop on!


Self care for the win.  If there’s one mask you’re looking to add to your at home spa day, this is definitely the one!  We’ve been using Hanacure for a while now and without question – this delivers results.

Thanks to a few of the celebs we follow on Instagram who used it and showed insane before-and-after photos,  we decided to give it a go and we were amazed with the results.  Trust us, this is no paid endorsement, we just really love it!  Now you can buy a single pack of their serum, but when we first bought it we had to get the pack of 4.  We have no regrets.

Free Shipping

From time to time Hanacure will offer a free shipping coupon you can use on your online order when you shop directly through their website.  At last look, Hanacure’s free shipping offers is one of their best yet.  When you spend just $100, which is easy to do, you get free standard shipping.

How to Get $20 Off

While we don’t see coupons often from Hanacure, the best one we’ve recently found is their $20 offer.  There are actually two to choose from.  

When you subscribe to their newsletter they’ll send you a $20 coupon you can use.  Also, some have had success with their $20 offer where when you spend $80 they’ll give you $20 off at checkout.  

Brostrick's Hanacure Experience

Like we said, we’ve been using Hanacure for at least 4 years, especially before major events, holidays – you name it. 

Your Hanacure serum comes in a little bottle and a small container of a gel-like substance.  Just peel back the container (it’s like McDonalds sweet-n-sour sauce) and then pour the bottle into the container.  Place the cover back on and then shake it for around 30 seconds until it turns into more of a thick gel. 

Use the brush that comes with it and paint it on your face, your neck, and even on the top of your hands.  Let it dry for 30 minutes and then rinse it off.  All done!

Of course the part that everyone loves the best is how crazy your face looks when it’s drying.  You will, literally, look like an entirely different person.  It also looks like your face is melting off, but don’t worry it’s not…and you’re going to love the results.  Your face will end up looking clearer, brighter, and feel more firm.  We really did see a decrease in the little lines (ahem, wrinkles) around our eyes and even our laugh-lines around our mouth.

There are currently two different pricing options to check out:



Of course with their different products, their prices can vary.  But this month their most popular products are priced as follows:

  • All-in-One Facial Set:  $110
  • Nano Emulsion Moisturizer:  $47
  • Facial Stater Kit:  $29
  • The OctoLift Regimen:  $275

From our experience, we noticed that Hanacure doesn’t have sales all throughout the year.  We have, however, seen that there have been some sales on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and into the holiday season.  You can typically take 20% off and don’t need a coupon code.

Unfortunately at this time Hanacure doesn’t provide a student discount code to students at all – or teachers for that matter.

Similar to the student discount situation, Hanacure isn’t currently offering military discounts at this time.

There are a few different retailers that are approved Hanacure sellers.  Of course, we shop direct at Hanacure’s website, but you can also shop them at Neiman Marcus and Violet Grey.  You can also buy it on Amazon, but please make sure you are not buying it from a third party seller.