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7 Non-Alcoholic Alcohol Alternatives For Hangover Free Sundays

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Best Non-Alcoholic Alcohol Alternatives, Elixirs, Wine, Beer & Spirits 2024

What exactly is non-alcoholic alcohol?  While it may sound like a bit of an oxymoron, these beverages are making a major surge.  They seem to be popping up everywhere, especially if you’re scrolling through your social media.  These alcohol alternatives, are quite simply exactly what they sound like – alcohol free versions of some of your favorite, or most commonly known spirits, wine and beer.  You can even grab bottles of “wine” and cans of “beer” or “bubbly” when you do your shopping on Amazon.  And it always nice to put out some alcohol free options at brunches and barbecues.

They go beyond the O’Douls you’re familiar with from back in the day, or the sparkling cider that gets popped on New Year’s Eve.  Many of these companies have stepped up their game with zero alcohol versions of gin, rum, tequila, and vodka as well.  And they’re not only popping up in the retail space, they’re being served in bars too.  Whatever the driving force may be, whether it’s living a completely sober lifestyle, or simply just looking to cut back, more than half of Americans are actively trying to reduce their alcohol consumption.  Hey, it’s been a rough year!

Important to note, is that quite a bit of research and experimentation goes into the replication of spirits like whiskey, and tequila, as capturing the essence of the real thing is a top priority.  And while some companies are looking to replicate certain spirits and cocktails, others aren’t looking to necessarily create an imitation, but rather focus on products like a plant-based Livener, a relaxing Nightcap, and a zen Social Elixir – which creates a beverage that actually makes you feel good (just be sure to read the full details on plant based options and elixirs, as they’re made from powerful plants – and not recommended for those under 18, pregnant nursing, or taking certain medications).  All of these factors result in a “day after” without the hangover.  So you don’t have to power through the next day with a greasy breakfast sandwich, while exchanging texts with your best friends trying to piece together the “holes” from the previous evening. Which, quite honestly is a refreshing thought, even though we really appreciate the collective effort.

One thing we noticed when researching various alcohol alternatives is that people really seem to be on board.  The overall consensus is that everyone is actually enjoying them, and the reviews are fantastic – so it’s not just us!  Whether you’re living a sober lifestyle, are simply looking to scale back, or need to cut out the alcohol due to your current fitness plan,  we’ve found some great options below, including:

A Hoppy IPA Alternative
A Tequila Alternative for Fabulous Margaritas
A “Livener” That Always Sells Out

Shop our picks for some of the top non-alcoholic alcohol in 2024.


Ritual Zero Proof
Tequila Alternative

Ritual Zero Proof Tequila Alternative


Buy on Ritual

 Just in time to mix up some margaritas in the portable blender, and hit the beach. (or backyard, or living room).  It features the typical blue agave aroma, tropical guava, black peppercorn, and lime for a clean, spicy finish, with a bit of cracked sea salt.  Perfect!  They also have whiskey and gin alternatives as well.  Pick it up here.


Three Spirit Drinks
The Livener

Three Spirit Alcohol Free Livener


Buy on Three Spirit

The Livener is powered by plants, and is the perfect pick me up beverage, featuring guayusa, guava leaf and schizandra, along with flavors from berries, bright aromatics and heat.  It’s also naturally caffeinated, gluten free, and vegan.  You can also check out their other drinks like their Nightcap, and Social Elixir.  Just be sure to check out the full details for each, as these are made from powerful plants – and not recommended for those under 18, pregnant nursing, or taking certain medications.  Pick it up here.


Athletic Brewing
Non-Alcoholic Free Wave Double Hop IPA

Athletic Brewing Non-Alcoholic Free Wave Double Hop IPA


Buy on Total Wine

 This alcohol free IPA is loaded with Amarillo, Citra, and Mosaic hops.  It’s medium bodied, and hoppy, with flavors of orange, citrusy, and wheat  Pick it up here.


Curious Elixirs
Elixir No. 1

Curious Elixirs No. 1


Buy on Curious Elixirs

Avialable as 8 cocktails in 4 bottle, or 24 cocktails in 12 bottles, Elixir No. 1 is a booze free homage to the classic cocktail, the Negroni.  It’s bold and bitter with an herbal taste, featuring pomegranate and rhodiola.  They have elixir options 1 through 5, as well as a variety pack option that you can have delivered on a monthly basis.  Pick it up here.


Non-Alcoholic Botanical Bubbly

Dry Non-Alcoholic Botanical Bubbly


Buy on Amazon

This zero proof mocktail mixer comes in a variety pack of 12.  It’s caffeine free and feature flavors refreshing flavors like cherry, cucumber and vanilla.  Pick it up here.


Rondel Zero
Non-Alcoholic Cava

Rondel Zero Non Alcoholic Cava


Buy on Total Wine

We’re Cava fans, and this alcohol free version comes highly rated, and at a reasonable price point.  From Spain, these fruity aromas and small bubbles feature bright notes of apple and citrus. Happy and light!  Pick it up here.


Alcohol Free Mimosa

Fauxmosa Alcohol Free Mimosa

Buy on Amazon

This is a great option to put out for brunch.  It comes in a pack of 4, as well as in 4 different flavors:  Cranberry with Hibiscus and Ginger, Grapefruit with Raspberry and Holy Basil, Orange with Turmeric, and Pineapple with Lemon and Mint Pick it up here.


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