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6 Curling Headbands to Rock Waves Without Heat

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One of the latest beauty trends is the curling headband.  As people gravitate toward heatless styling options lately, this trend has grown exponentially. Take a peek at some of the hair saving options and start living your best wavy hair life.

Best Curling Headbands 2024 - Heatless Curling Rods

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What Do Curling Headbands Do?

What are curling headbands?  These headbands have gained some serious traction lately thanks to TikTok, and are an easy way to add some texture, curls or waves to your hair without subjecting your strands to heat.  Typically, most are made from soft material, along with light padding – making this a quick and comfortable alternative to rollers (anyone out there old enough to remember sleeping in foam rollers?  Just us?).  After setting your hair, expect to unravel soft waves or curls after letting it set for a few hours minimum, with overnight being ideal – all without the use of a curling wand or blow dryer.

How Do I Use it?

Start with lightly damp, tangle free hair.  Depending on which one you buy, you may need 2 scrunchies in addition to your headband.  Some versions will come with 2 scrunchies.  Center the tool, just as you would a headband – and be sure that both sides are of equal length.  Start wrapping your hair around the band (grabbing more hair as you go when you’re working with sections closer to the top), secure each side with a scrunchie, tuck the ends behind your head and voila!  You’re finished.  Lost?  We get it, check out a YouTube tutorial here.

Once hair is completely dry, gently unwrap your hair from the headband and shake out your curls.  You can set these earlier in the day, and have your hair dry throughout the day, or sleep in the headband and unwrap in the morning.

Do Headband Curls Work?

They do!  Although, it’s important to keep your expectations realistic.  For example, when we gave it a whirl here we found that those who already had a natural wave to their hair had curls that lasted a bit longer than those who have pin straight hair.  A lot of it can be trial and error as well.  The length of time, styling products, just the right amount of water used (hair should be lightly damp, not wet) and more can make all the difference in individual results.  It’s also helpful to check out tutorials on line, as there are different methods for wrapping the hair, resulting in looser or tighter waves and curls.

So if you’re looking to check these out, and need a place to start, we’ve found some great options below, including:

A Cult Favorite
An Amazon Best Seller
An Affordable Option at a Great Price Point

Shop our picks for some of the top curling headbands in 2024.


Robecurls The Original Curling Headband
Satin Headband Curler

Robecurls The Original Curling Headband

$27.99 ( Off!)

Buy on Amazon

This original comes with the curler as well as the two scrunchies you’ll need to keep everything in place.  It also features light padding so you’ll be more comfortable while you’re wearing it – which can be a while!  Pick it up here.


Heatless Curling Rod

Ivyu Heatless Curling Rod Headband for Long Hair

No products found.
No products found. (No products found. Off!)

Buy on Amazon

This option comes with 2 scrunches, as well as the hair clip to help hold everything in place while you work on wrapping one side of your hair.  The velvety material has less slip than the satin versions and is available in several colors.  Pick it up here.


Heatless Curling Rod

Wuluttia Heatless Hair Curler

$30.99 ( Off!)

Buy on Amazon

This option had us intrigued, because in addition to the soft, plush material, this version features a flat top.  The idea behind this upgrade is all about the comfort while wearing it.  They include the curler, four silk scrunchies,  two hair clips and a storage bag.  Pick it up here.


Heatless Hair Styler

Octocurl No Heat Hair Styler

$32.99 ( Off!)

Buy on Amazon

If mermaid style curls are more your vibe, check out this Octocurler.  This is available in several colors and patterns, as well as microfiber and options for much longer hair.  This option has a little more versatility.  You can use 2-4 strips for soft loose curls, 1 strip for spirals, wrap your hair tightly or braid for beachy waves.  Pick it up here.


Soft Headband Curler

Cookoo Soft Robe Heatless Hair Curler

Price not available ( Off!)

Buy on Amazon

This soft styler is all about the comfort.  The game plan is the same with this option, but with a little less bulk.  Comes with the curling headband, as well as two scrunchies and a clip.  Pick it up here.


Toes Home

Toes Home 6 Piece Headband Bandanas

$11.99 ( Off!)

Buy on Amazon

If you like the concept, but are  a little leary when it comes to trends, these headbands are a great option.  Full disclosure, we were actually been doing headband curls before TikTok (imagine?).  These are the exact headscarves we snagged, and have used them not only for headband curls, but for just about everything else.  They come as a six pack, so everyone else in our house snatched one up.  Whether it was for workouts, costumes, yoga, keeping our hair out of the way on humid days, or as a neck gaiter, we love the versatility, as well as the wide variety of colors and patterns.  Pick it up here.

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