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Best Cool Air Stylers to Lock in Your Style with Less Heat Damage

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Hair and beauty obsessed rejoice!  Cool air stylers allow you to style your hair, then lock it in with a burst of cool air – which not only helps your curls and waves to last longer, but also helps protect your hair.  Check out the run down and some options below.

Best Cool Air Stylers 2024 - Cool Air Curlers

🏆 The Editor’s Top Three

What Does a Cool Air Styler Actually Do?

It’s no secret that high heat, on a consistent basis can damage hair over time.  This raved about, gone viral on TikTok (to the tune of 110 million views in videos where the product is mentioned!) hair tool is designed using a cool air system. In fact, the #HairTok hashtag alone racks up over 19 billion views.  The InfinityPRO works by sending cool air through the channels, which in turn set your hair style, so it not only lasts longer – but also protects your hair from the damage often seen with high heat.

For example, designed with a unique cool air system and setting, the InfinitiPRO by Conair Cool Air Styler flows cool air up through the channels in the barrel to set and protect your style for long-lasting results.  Featuring quartz ceramic coated plates that glide through hair easily, without pulling or tugging help create soft, smooth curls that last.  provide effortless glide and preheat hair to form silky, smooth curls.  It heats up to 400°F degrees quickly (so you can select the perfect setting for your particular hair type), while the cool air locks in your style.

Are They Worth It?

Overall, these styling tools are getting great reviews.  So if you like to add waves and curls to your hair on a somewhat regular basis  – and are looking to ride your waves out for a few days, the cool air option can help to lock your style in a bit longer.  This comes in handy, especially if you’re the type (like us!) to extend your wash days as far apart as reasonably possible.  So if you’re looking to check these out, and need a place to start, we’ve found some great options below, including:

A TikTok Favorite
An Amazon Best Seller
A Great Option for Short Hair

Shop our picks for some of the top cool air stylers in 2024.



Conair InfinitiPro Cool Air Styler

$33.85 (48% Off!)

Buy on Amazon

The unique cool air system allows cool air to flow outside of the barrel, immediately setting your curl while protecting your hair. Also features 3 heat settings (low, medium, high) along with the cool air setting, with inner plates reaching up to 400°F, so you can choose the right heat level for your particular hair type. It heats up quickly, but also features automatic safety shutoff.  Pick it up here..


Le Duo 360 Airflow Styler

L'Ange Le Duo Airflow Styler


Buy on Ulta

This lightweight, styling tool available on Ulta, is designed with tiny air vents that act as a built in fan, and  cool your hair on contact – locking in your style.  It also features an adjustable heat setting from 280F to 460F as well as a 60 minute auto shutoff.  Pick it up here.


AirGlide Cool Breeze Styler

Calista AirGlide Cool Breeze Styler


Buy on QVC

Buy on Calista

This tool allows you to create waves and curls, as well as smooth or straighten.  Features air vents that release cool air as you style your hair, locking it in and reducing damage to the hair.  Pick it up here.

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