The Best Outdoor TV Sale We’ve Found this March!

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We’ve spent so much time outside over the past year+, so it was only a matter of time before we upgraded from our projector to an actual outdoor TV, that’s waterproof, weatherproof, and can withstand the heat. We never want to watch television inside again! While they can be a bit pricy, there are a bunch of great outdoor television deals happening this March!

Outdoor TVs on Sale March 2023. - Deals on Weatherproof Television

Quick Sale Picks

Don’t make the same mistake we originally made by dragging out our regular smart television outside onto our deck to watch some Red Sox games with our friends. Apparently humidity, insects, and overall moisture canand will totally mess it up/totally ruin it. It’s important you go for anactual outdoor TV because they’re built in a way to withstand moisture, humidity, rain (to some extent), bugs, extreme heat, extreme cold, and just about everything in between. Most of these can be more expensive than indoor options, but we’ve seen some really decent sales taking place this March!

We usually have the most luck on Amazon, but we wanted to showcase a couple of additional retailers that are having deals right now too:

Like we mentioned – these can definitely can be priced super high, like oddly high. However, this is mainly because of how they’re made. Most areusually made with weatherproof/waterproof sealant, tough metal frames, and sometimes even covers. Although, you usually have to pick up the cover separately. We’ll list some decent covers on sale right now too – especially this March!

Don’t be concerned if you haven’t heard of some of the brands, but there still are the tried-and-true ones like Samsung, LG, and TCL. However, there are some that are known (and will usually have some decent pricing) specifically for outside like SunBrite and Furrion.

A few perks of going the outdoor option is that most have 2x brighter options, that you’ll need especially when it’s sunny out. Many of them are 4K HD, smart, and will even handle below-freezing temps. On a personal note, we went with SunBrite because they also came withfree speakers (a soundbar) that are totally weather and waterproof speakers. It just enhanced the overall viewing experience.

We’ve rounded up some of the best outdoor tv deals during the March sale extravaganza!

Awesome March Sales!

Top Outdoor Televisions + Accessories on Sale

Covers + Protectors

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