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The Latest Waterproof Speaker Sale Online this Memorial Day Weekend!

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If taking your tunes on the go is a must, a portable speaker can be the perfect solution.  But a waterproof option?  Next level. They take some of the stress away when using your speakers poolside, or at the beach.  Get the latest on some of the best waterproof speaker deals taking place this Memorial Day Weekend!

Waterproof Speakers on Sale this Memorial Day Weekend! - Deals on Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers for Shower & Pool

Quick Sale Picks

We’re always surrounded by music, and our favorite playlist.  Whether we’re relaxing outside, drifting off to sleep, working, or working out we have our wireless speakers or wireless earbuds nearby.  Gone are the days of setting your battery operated radio or speaker by the pool or in the sand and hoping for the best.  Waterproof options truly allow you to bring your playlist just about anywhere.  They’re available in so many different sizes – from a keychain you can hang on your golf or beach bag, and shower friendly sounds, to all weather speakers that can stay outside and carry you through the seasons.  Our all weather mountable speakers are still going strong and cranking tunes – even by the backyard rink in the winter!

We’ve searched online to find the best sales on Amazon, as well as some great deals on other retail sites. Check out a few of the best going on right now:

Much like other tech products, these range from high end and high priced, to extremely reasonable, but gets the job done just fine options.  So it’s possible to find a great option that fits just about any budget.  You can shop inexpensive versions that make a great stocking stuffer, or go all out poolside!

Regardless of what you’re looking to spend, you can save a little cash, and find something perfect, especially during this Memorial Day Weekend!   After searching for some of the best prices around, we’ve found that the savings can range from about 10% – 25% on average.  We’re in!

We’ve rounded up some of the best waterproof speakers during the Memorial Day Weekend sale extravaganza!

Awesome Memorial Day Sales!

Top Waterproof Speakers on Sale

Floating Speakers

Shower Options

All Weather

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