Our Favorite Outdoor Patio Heater Sale Going On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

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Keep the party at a 10 all year round with some of the best outdoor heaters for your patio, deck, or general backyard areas. And while some may be a little on the pricier side, we’ve found some great offers on top-rated outdoor heaters brands this Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Outdoor Heaters on Sale this Martin Luther King Jr. Day! - Deals on Patio Propane & Electric Heater

Quick Sale Picks

Last year finding an outdoor heater for your yard was nearly impossible, thanks to the pandemic.  They were sold out just about everywhere and ones that were actually in stock were priced so high it just made more sense to light up your Solo Stove fire pit just to keep warm when the temps dropped. The good news is that more retailers have these in stock, the prices have dropped overall, and there are currently some decent sales taking place, especially this Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Speaking of sales, of course we seem to usually find the best offers at Amazon, but there are a few other trusted retailers we use that are lowering prices right now as well like:

If you’re stumped on which to buy, don’t worry because we’ve consulted with the experts to see which were currently ranked the best this year.  Basically, there are two different major options you can choose from: electric or gas/propane.  On a personal note, we prefer propane patio heaters – we just feel like they keep us the warmest, but there are some really great electric heating options that you can even hang (safely, by a professional) if you have an enclosed in deck/porch.

When it comes to pricing, believe it or not many electric vs. propane options can run you roughly the same.  Of course you can always “go big” and spend a ton but, hey, we’re not trying to warm up a restaurant!  But, again, there are actually a good amount of sales taking place this Martin Luther King Jr. Day!  We’re seeing ranges up to 33% off!

We’ve rounded up some of the best outdoor patio heater deals during the Martin Luther King Jr weekend sale extravaganza!

MLK Jr Sales!!

Top Outdoor Heaters on Sale

Propane Options

Electric Options

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