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The Coolest Sales on Window Air Conditioners (and Wall Units) this Memorial Day Weekend!

Chill out with cool deals on air conditioners today.

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Air Conditioners on Sale Christmas (2023). - Deals on Window, Wall + Portable ACs



While everyone is buzzing about “mini-splits” we’re staying loyal to the old trusty window air conditioner.  It’s how we grew up and really (for us) signals the start of summer.  While prices have come down drastically over the years, we’re seeing even better prices right now with some really great AC deals this Memorial Day Weekend!

You certainly don’t have to wait for a major sales event to take place in order to save some serious cash on a wide variety of air conditioners these days.  Although it doesn’t hurt that we’re already seeing up to 3% off some really popular window-and-wall units thanks to this Memorial Day Weekend!

There really are some great options out there right now – and don’t even get us started on the AC units with built-in WiFi so you can program it from just about anywhere.  Some of the best sellers this year include units from tried-and-trusted brands like LG, Midea, and Frigidaire.  Personally, our entire home is outfitted with LG (we upgraded to the new “smart” model with ThinQ) so we can use our phone to turn it on (or off) from wherever we are.  Driving home from the beach and not wanting to be in a hot house is now officially a thing of the past for us.

The good news is that overall LG, Frigidaire, Midea, GE, and even (at times) Amazon Basics is running some great sales right now.  And while we, of course, love all things Amazon – we wanted to let you know about some additional retailers offering deals right now as well like:


$599  $489.99


$329.99  $289.99


$499  $430

Most of the major price discounts we’ve been seeing have been around window AC units, but there are actually a decent amount for wall units as well – and even portable options.

For us, we haven’t shopped inside a store in what seems like forever.  Everything we do is online so it’s important for us to make sure that where we’re shopping offers free shipping because if not, it’s really out of the question.  We have Amazon Prime so we’re eligible for their free 2-day shipping.  And places like Wayfair and even The Home Depot have free shipping offers too – especially now, lining up withChristmas (2023).

Finally – depending on the size of your room you should be able to find something pretty great anywhere from $179 – $399.  Of course, the higher the BTUs the more expensive.

We’ve rounded up some of the best air conditioner deals during the Memorial Day Weekend sale extravaganza!

Awesome Memorial Day Sales!

Top Window AC Units on Sale

LG Options

Wall Units

Portable AC

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