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Kamado-Approved Sale on the Big Green Egg (and Alternatives) this Memorial Day Weekend!

Crack open a sizzling deal at the Green Eggstravaganza Sale

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Big Green Egg on Sale Christmas (2023). - Deals on Kamado Egg Grills


Many say The Big Green Egg is the ultimate grill.  TBH, the price totally throws us off and we personally have a hard time justifying the cost, but it really does kick butt as far as top of the line grills go.  Whether you’re looking for the original or a top selling Kamado egg, we’ve found some decent deals this Memorial Day Weekend!

Real talk.  Similar to a YETI sale, Blink cameras being marked down, and the Bartesian cocktail maker – The Big Green Egg pretty much never goes on sale.  We have seen in previous Black Friday and Cyber Monday events about 5% off their original price.  It’s, sadly, just one of those things.  But not all hope is lost because there are some decent offers out there in general as long as you’re ok with getting a bit creative.  And there are still plenty of alternative Kamado egg grills that are about half the price and we’re even seeing some great deals heading into Christmas (2023).


$297  $267


$2237.49  $1599.99


NOW $799.99

Per usual, you can typically find the best prices and offers on Amazon and this does ring true here too.  We’re going to also show you some additional favorite retailers of ours that have also slashed prices right now like:

Now here’s the thing.  We’re not here to tell you if the Big Green Egg is worth it.  That’s not what we’re doing here.  The experts who tested it over at Consumer Reports have made their call, which you can read here.  We’re here to find some of the best sales and deals that we can.  Some are listed above from a variety of retailers.

On a personal note we’ve never owned the Big Green Egg – but our brother-in-law has it and he does love it.  We’ve used it and it’s really cool.  On the flip side, you know what?  We’re not professional grill masters so, for us, we’re not going to throw down more than $1,000 just to have it when there really are some great alternatives out there – even if they’re only 75% as good.  We just need to grill stuff.  That’s it.

So, below are all the best prices we could find fight now.  We’ll keep updating this page to let you know when additional retailers run new offers and promotions – so bear with us!

We’ve rounded up some of the best Kamado egg grills during the Memorial Day Weekend sale extravaganza!

Awesome Memorial Day Sales!

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