The Ultimate YETI Sale (Coolers, Tumblers & Bags) is Happening this Presidents Day Weekend!

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Rumor has it you have a better chance of actually finding an elusive yeti in the forest than finding a YETI cooler on sale. Alas, we may have some promising prospects for you, due to some interesting YETI deals we’ve found online this Presidents Day Weekend!

YETI on Sale Presidents Day Weekend (2023). - Deals on YETI Coolers, Tumblers, Ramblers

Quick Sale Picks

Let’s just call it like it is. Good luck finding anything by YETI on sale. Some even claim they never go on sale (ever). But, here’s the thing. We actually get it. They have some of the most sought-after hard coolers, soft coolers, and of course those must-have tumblers and ramblers on the market. They keep every thing so cold. Like, so, so, so cold. And for so long! Part of the reason we hear you’ll seldom find them slashing their prices is because they’re already passing some savings on to us as the consumer. Um, ok?


YETI’s Official 20% Off Discount

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We’ve seen some other sites make truly wild claims of 50% – 75% off. It’s like, really?Nothing is ever that much off. But, if we work together (that’s right, me and you) we can find some actually decent prices on a wide variety of YETI must-haves this Presidents Day Weekend! Can you believe it’s already that time?

Now you know we love ourselves some Amazon. We really do. But we’re all in this together, so if we find a deal from another retailer (we trust) we’ll let you know that below:

As you can see, the deals aren’t over-the-top, but even finding 10% off can be a total score. Personally, we’ve had the most luck on Amazon and when we go direct to YETI’s own website. Last Memorial Day, for example, they were offering free shipping and free engraving/test on any item you wanted, which was really cool. We ended up snagging a few tumblers and got them engraved for free. We’ll be using them as gifts this Christmas!

So, at the very least – please just make sure you’reat least getting free shipping and if, like us, you dig a bit deeper you can typically score 10% off, which really does help. We’ll keep updating this page with any new deals we find even afterPresidents Day Weekend (2023). We hope you find something great.

We’ve rounded up some of the best YETI deals during the Presidents Day sale extravaganza!

Awesome Presidents Day Weekend Sales!

Top YETI Coolers + Tumblers (Lowest Found Prices)

Exclusive Sale Prices!

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