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The Latest Sales on the Best Leaf Blowers and Vacuums this week!

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Is it odd that we actually find getting rid of our leaves to be therapeutic? Maybe it’s because we did our back a favor, ditched our old rusty rake, and upgraded to a 2-in-1 leaf blower and vacuum.  Even better?  You can actually find a bunch of top sellers with amazing deals this week!

Leaf Blowers on Sale this week! - Deals on Leaf Vacuums

Quick Sale Picks

Yard work used to be for the birds – quite literally.  But as we get a bit older (we’re not that old) spending time cleaning up and maintaining our yard has become a badge of honor we wear proudly.  First we upgraded our lawn mower and so it only made sense that we needed something to both pick up and blow away the thousands of leaves that seem to fall in our yard throughout the year.  The good news is that most of the top leaf blowers on the market today actually can function as a leaf vacuum too.  We love a 2-for-1.  And right now we’re seeing some pretty amazing sale prices this week!

Right now is actually one of the best times to find some great sales on outdoor essentials like BBQ grills, outdoor umbrellas for your patio, portable generators, above-ground pools, and even outdoor televisions.  We typically find some of the best prices on Amazon (of course), but when it comes to leaf blowers and vacs, we also want to highlight some additional online retailers we shop at that are also having sales right now too:

Now we’re not going to tell you which leaf blowers are the best – as we haven’t tested them all (yet).  The folks at Wirecutter have legit tested all the top brands and came up with their best of list.  Definitely check them out if your’re not sure where to begin.  However, based on some of their picks, other sites who have reviewed them, and using our own research and data tools, we’ve hand-selected those brands that are currently on sale.  And we’re seeing a minimum of 10% off but, on average, we’re seeing between 20% – 30% off.

Personally, we prefer the options that are more 2-in-1, meaning that they work as both a leaf-blower and a vacuum with a simple change-up.  Usually at the beginning of the season we’re just looking to blow all our leaves and debris off our lawn.  But then, when we’re in the thick of it, we’re looking to also vacuum them up (which, for many brands, will also mulch them) and then simply empty that bag into our barrel and call it a day.

The good news is that no matter which you’re looking for there aren’t a ton of differences, but some include:

  • Cordless
  • Blower/Vac Combo
  • Removable Bag
  • Mulcher

That’s kind of it.  And when it comes to some of the top brands, that’ll include:  Toro, Honda, Greenworks, Worx, and Ryobi.

We’ve sliced and diced all our data and, where we could, matched it up with the above brands and category options.  We’ll break it down below so you can see some of the top sellers and then by category/option.  We’re planning on updating this one regularly, especially leading up to the main event – so bear with us!

We’ve rounded up some of the best leaf blowers and leaf vacuums during the week’s sale extravaganza!

New Sales This Week!!

Top Leaf Blowers on Sale

Top Leaf Vacuums on Sale

Combo Options

The Toro Brand

The Ryobi Brand

The Greenworks Brand

The Worx Brand

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