The Safest Sales on a Variety of Blink Cameras this March!

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Our motto is “You can never be too safe.” Sure, that’s everyone’s motto – but we really take it to the extreme by outfitting our home with almost an endless setup of Blink security cameras. We’re talking indoorand outdoor. Good luck trying to get in without us seeing you. And while the prices can be a bit steep, there are some deals for Blink this March!

Blink on Sale March 2023. - Deals on Blink Security Camera

Quick Sale Picks

Repeat after us: Blink pretty muchnever goes on sale. Doesn’t it feel better just to admit that? However, we’re not all doom and gloom because Blink is actuallyowned by Amazon and you know when we typically find the best deals of the year?March 2023.

But don’t totally freak out if you need it now or missed the event becauseright now there are some deals on indoor and outdoor Blink smart security cameras, accessories and – even better – packaged bundled deals. Meaning, you can typically get afree Blink when it’s paired up with another one of Amazon’s product line (usually Echo). You’ll notice some of those deals above and below this article.

And while we love all things from Amazon, you can actually typically find a super competitive sale price and/or some perks from some of the top online retailers as well like:

The craziest we’ve seen in a while is definitely direct on Amazon where they’re slashing up to 44% off. Check that out here.

There are actually a bunch of different Blink options you can choose from depending on if you’re looking for one inside your home, outside your home – or both. And their latest Mini security cam is not only – dare we say –cheap but currently under $35.

Some of their more popular options include:

  • The Blink Mini
  • The Outdoor
  • The Indoor

And you’ll usually save the most when you pick up more than one at once – so purchasing a pack of 3 or more can typically help you save the most.

We know you’re here for the sales (duh!) so we’ll be keeping this page pretty up to date to make sure we’re doing our best to find the lowest prices, updated sale prices, and more. Just bear with us as we stay on top of it. It’s a wild world out there online!

We’ve rounded up some of the best Blink deals during the March sale extravaganza!

Awesome March Sales!

Top Blink Security Cameras

*Remember: You can get up to 44% off on Amazon – Check It Here

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