The Best Dog DNA Kit Sale (Including Embark!) We Found this Christmas Season!

Get ready to unleash the secrets of your furry friend's genetic makeup with dog DNA kit deals

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Dog DNA Tests on Sale Christmas (2023). - Deals on Embark Breed Identifier Kits


So, you wanna know where Sparky is from?  What’s their actual breed?  Any health issues to be mindful of?  We get it!  And right now you can find some pretty amazing dog DNA kit deals (for at home use) this Christmas Season!


We’ve loved, used, and gifted so many of the top AncestryDNA kits over the last few years, so it only made sense that dog (or other pet) DNA test were about to flood the market.  It can be tough to figure out which is the best, so we’re leaving that to the testing experts who have tried just about all of them out.

Overall, some of the top brands include:

  • Embark
  • DNA My Dog
  • Orivet

Of course they can do all sorts of things so it’s really up to you and your pups needs.  But, the one thing that rings true for so many of the top picks is that we’re seeing some really low prices (almost all-time low prices) heading into Christmas (2023).   As of right now we’d consider a really great deal to be anywhere from 15% to 20% off their original price.

And while we usually have success on Amazon there are a couple of additional retailers running some sales right now too like:



$40 OFF


$104.99  $84.99


Some of the biggest doggy DNA kits we’ve sold in our pet gift guides has been Embark.  Our readers tend to lean towards that brand.  They’re totally trustworthy, they can figure out your dogs breed with as little as 5%, and they’re one of the highest rated on Amazon right now.

However, we’re not here to tell you which you should buy – but we’ve take a list of all the top sellers (as of today) and then are showcasing those that are currently on sale.  We’ll have this updated daily, so you can see the latest and greatest offers leading up to the big event!

We’ve rounded up some of the best dog DNA kits during the Christmas sales and deals extravaganza!

Christmas Holiday Sales!!

Top Dog DNA Kits on Sale

Embark Brand Specific

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