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The Dog-Approved Pet Camera Sale Perfect For this week!

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As we all start heading back to work, we’re going to miss our littlest friends the most.  Of course, we’re talking about your dog! But, with the latest dog cam we can spy on and talk to our pup from just about anywhere we are!  Even better,  we found some of the best deals on super interesting (and smart) pet cameras this week!

Pet Cameras on Sale this week! - Deals on Dog Cams

Quick Sale Picks

There’s nothing we love more than spying in on our pup whether we’re at work, at a friends house, or just in the other room.  We’re stalkers like that.  Believe it or not, a lot of people use some of the most popular baby monitors for dog cameras, but as time rolls on there are actually a bunch of great pet camera options out there – and some even give you the ability to toss your pup a treat and talk to him/her with two-way audio and video.  Pretty amazing.  Even more amazing?  Some of the super helpful sales and deals on select pet cams this week!

We’ve had a ton of luck (and have personally purchased) find the best sale prices on Amazon (of course!), but we also want to let you know about some other top trusted retailers that have some pretty fantastic offers now too like:

While it’s ok to potentially use a baby monitor for your pet, we definitely prefer one that’s made for our actual pet – some even have feeders attached to them, which really comes in handy.  Speaking of which, while there are a lot of great brands out there our personal fave is the option from Furbo.  They’ve even been named a #1 choice by PC Mag this year.

The Furbo Dog Camera has 2-way audio, features wireless/bluetooth, has a 1080p HD camera with night vision (so fun!), has a barking alert sensor so you’ll be alerted if something is up, and even has their famous “treat tosser” which you can program right from your phone!  We were able to get ours for 18% off the original price on Amazon.  And we expect to see even better savings this week!  Did we mention these also make the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life?

We’ve rounded up some of the pet cameras during the week’s sale extravaganza!

New Sales This Week!!

Top Pet Cams on Sale

Furbo Specific

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