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11 Unique DIY Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

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DIY Homemade Christmas Gifts 2024 - Easy Make Your Own Gift Ideas 2024

You may not be a real-life Martha Stewart (we’re not convinced she’s not a puppet robot) and you have about 100 people to buy holiday gifts for. So, if you have some time, try making your own homemade Christmas gifts.  People still love creativity!

Now we can’t really make anything.  At least not buy ourselves.  If you’re looking for the type of creative ideas that include sewing, cotton balls on a paper plate to make a Santa gift, or an excessive amount of glue gun use, this prob isn’t the gift guide for you.  However, if you still want to make your own DIY-style gifts but would use a little extra help, we’ve got you covered.  These kits are basically all you’ll need and perhaps you can even ask a family member or two to give you a hand. Make it a total team bonding event!

If you have a little time on your hands why not roll up your sleeves and give these homemade Christmas gifts a shot? Check out our fave picks of the season and find out how to ’em!


The Deluxe Chocolate Truffle Making Kit – Shop It Here

Buy Here

Making super yummy truffles doesn’t have to be the worst task in life and it’s actually pretty easy to do.  Follow the instructions, wrap some up, and give out to your family and friends as a little holiday treat.


The Homemade Hot Sauce (And Bottling) Kit  – Shop It Here

Buy Here

One of the best sellers of the season, make all different kinds of hot sauce!  It even comes with the bottles and labels too.  Just add some decorative ribbon and call it a day.  The perfect present for him (or her) who loves their hot sauce on everything.


The DIY Felt Succulents – Shop It Here

Buy Here

Don’t worry about having to water these succulents.  You’ll be able to make up to 18 really pretty succulent plants!


The Homemade Meade Maker – Shop It Here

Buy Here

If you loved Game of Thrones, you’ll love this easy-to-do Meade making kit.  Honey wine has been making a big comeback so you may want to make some for yourself too!  A great addition to any wine lovers wish list.


The Build-Your-Own Pinball Game – Shop It Here

Buy Here

You what will get everyone off their electronics?  This build your own pinball game.  Either make it for them or as a fun and educational task to do together.


The One Step Tie Dye Kit – Shop It Here

Buy Here

Perfect for all the tweens on your list who are recently obsessed with all things tie-dye.  Everything old is new again (again, again).  This best selling kit on Amazon currently has over 6,800 reviews and ratings!  It’ll provide enough to create up to 36 different projects.


The 15 Minute Sourdough Kit – Shop It Here

Buy Here

For some reason, due to the pandemic, everyone started making their own bread!  Well now you can, too, with this easy 15 minutes make your own sourdough bread kit.  Perfect for beginners (like us).


The DIY Chocolate Candy Bars – Shop It Here

Buy Here

Perfect for any of the kids on your list, make your very own delicious chocolate candy bars.  It even comes with the gold foil, paper, and stickers so you can package your own.


The Homemade Ravioli Kit – Shop It Here

Buy Here

Invite them over for an homemade Italian dinner (cooked by you) or let them make it on their own. Yum!


The Ultimate Sushi Kit – Shop It Here

Buy Here

Turn yourself (or, hopefully, someone else) into a real sushi making pro! It comes with enough to make anywhere between 48 – 64 delicious sushi rolls.


The Bagel & Cream Cheese Maker – Shop It Here

Buy Here

Never wait in line at the bagel shop again!  It’ll make up to 12 bagels and 1.5 pounds of cream cheese.  See you next Christmas!

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