Squeaky Clean Sales on Popular Washing Machines this Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

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Is doing laundry the worst chore of all time?  Possibly.  But with some of the latest technology and the sleekest styles it can actually be kind of fun!  Even better?  We found some of the best deals on the latest washing machines this Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Washing Machines on Sale this Martin Luther King Jr. Day! - Deals on Washers Top & Front Load

Quick Sale Picks

Sure, so buying a washing machine isn’t the most thrilling purchase you’ll make, but since we’re total cleaning dorks we actually kind of enjoy it.  These days there are a ton of smart washers out there that you can program or monitor from the app on your phone and some even have options that’ll quite possibly put your dry cleaner to shame.  Some of the most top-rated options can definitely be on the expensive side, so your best bet is to try and wait until there’s a major sales event going on, especially this Martin Luther King Jr. Day!  But if you can’t wait, have no fear because there are some great deals happening today.

Don’t get us wrong, we definitely love all things Amazon, but we’ve had a bit of a tough time finding a variety of washing machines there, so we’re also adding in some sales taking place from some of the top retailers – many of which will offer free delivery and set-up if needed:

On a personal note, we actually had to upgrade our old washer and dryer and decided to go with the LG WashTower Laundry Center.  That’s the one that’s permanently stacked, but is sleek, thin, and was able to fit in our upstairs closet when we decided to bring our washer/dryer upstairs.  The best part is that we got it for 28% off at Home Depot and it even included free delivery.  We love not having to go down to the basement anymore!  You can find similar deals this Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

If you’re not really sure where to begin, there are a few different choices you’ll have – so just choose the one that works best with your current situation:

  • Electric Washer
  • Gas Powered Washer
  • Washer/Dryer Set
  • Front Load
  • Top Load
  • Portable

Oh, and if you need a clothes dryer to go with it, we found some great electric dryers on sale today too!

If we can give you any advice if you’re buying online without going in the store, please (please, please, please) make sure you measure.  In fact, measure 3 times just to be sure.  The last thing you want is to have it delivered and then not able to get down the stairs, up the stairs, or even fit in the place you want it.  The good news is that most retailers are offering free delivery and free returns so if for some reason there’s issue you won’t get burnt.

We’ve rounded up some of the best washing machines during the Martin Luther King Jr weekend sale extravaganza!

MLK Jr Sales!!

Top Washing Machines on Sale

Front + Top Load Options

Portable Washing Machines

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