The Biggest Mini Brands Sale with Big Savings this Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

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The trend of unboxing isn’t anything new, and toys with a “surprise” are still going strong.  We’ve been around for the Hatchimals craze, LOL Surprise, Magic Mixies, and of course the reason you’re here – Mini Brands!  Take a peek at some of the current sales on these collectible toys this Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

5 Surprise Mini Brands on Sale this Martin Luther King Jr. Day! - Deals on Mini Brands Toys

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Toys with a surprise inside became such in demand toys a few years ago and and it seems like the excitement still hasn’t waned.  Back When Hatchimals were first introduced (right before the holidays of course), it became mission impossible to get your hands on one.  Since the concept was so well received, other toys followed suit.  Enter Surprise 5 Mini Brands.

While half the fun is in the unknown, it’s the idea that these toys are tiny replicas that making finding them fun.  They can unwrap 5 mini versions of household items, snacks (inedible, so actually eating them is a no-go), and toys.  Think the most adorable versions of things like Heinz Ketchup, Oreo O’s, Kool-Aid, Ninja Turtles, Spongebob, and more.  A lot more.  

So whether you’re looking for Series 1 through the most current release, or just need a carrying case to keep all of their tiny treasures organized, hit up the latest sales first to see what you can grab.  So, we searched the internet to hunt down some of  the best deals we could find.

Sure, when a new series is released it can be almost impossible to find it on sale, but with so many options, you can find some versions on sale.  So whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or any other reason to shop, you can find ways to save.

Check out some of their most popular options:

Whether it’s a gift for your favorite kid, or tween, you might be able to score a lower price when you check out this latest sale.

We’ve rounded up some of the best Mini Brands during the Martin Luther King Jr weekend sale extravaganza!

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