Curtain Raiser: Series 2 of 5 Surprise Mini Brands

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New Series 2 5 Surprise Mini Brands Release for 2024 - Zuru 5 Surprise Mini Brands

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Kids and even your tweens are obsessed with tiny things these days (thanks TikTok and YouTube!).  Chances are, you remember the frenzy over these Surprise Mini Brands – and the hunt for one of these must-have toys last holiday season.  Well almost as if right on cue, Zuru is scheduled to release series 2 in the fall of 2024. If you aren’t familiar with these tiny treasures, or are looking to snag some of the cutest minis from last year, grab the smallest pen and paper you can find, and we’ll catch you up to speed.

Unboxing still seems to be all the rage, so half the fun is in the unknown.  Each package includes 5 mini replicas of their favorite household brands.  Do kids even have favorite household brands?  Well, that’s neither here nor there.  Unwrap and reveal the cutest (non-edible, so don’t even try) versions of fun – like Heinz Ketchup, A1 Steak Sauce, Crystal Light, Oreo O’s, Kool-Aid, and more!  There are 60 new brands to collect in the series.  

While you can’t add them to your cart just yet, you can keep an eye on pre-order options, or full-on releases here on Amazon, or over here at Walmart.  Not for children under 3 years. Recommended age: 5 – 15 years.

Update:  There are a ton on eBay (singular and entire boxes).  You can get them from there, but just know you may be spending more.  It just depends how desperate we all are!  See them on eBay here!

Zuru 5 Surprise Mini Brands Series 2 – Shop It Here

Zuru 5 Surprise Mini Brands Series 2 Release

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Mini Brands Series 1 (2 Pack) – Shop It Here

Series 1 Mini Brands 2 Pack

This series features 70 collectible minis, including favorites like Skippy, Dove, Warheads, Dum Dums, Pez and Kikoman, and more.  Be on the lookout for the rare metallic and glow minis, along with super hard to find gold minis!

Buy Here

Electronic Mini Mart with 4 Mystery Mini Brands – Shop It Here

Mini Brands Minimart for 5 Surprise Minis

Give them a place to store all those tiny trinkets.  This set (that they’ll have to build) comes with 4 surprise minis, but they’ll have to keep their own checklist, and stock the rest of the shelves themselves.  Each minimart includes 3 types of shelving, fridges, a cash register, full store front, accessories such as trolleys and baskets, and an interactive electronic feature to trigger real shopping sounds as they push their cart up and down the aisles (following the one-way etiquette of 2024 of course).

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