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Brand New Amazon Echo Sales (Dot and Show) this Prime Day (with early access deals)!

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Probably the best sales we’ve seen right now are on just about any of the Echo products from Amazon.  From the new Echo Dot to the latest Show and everything in between there are some amazing deals this Prime Day (with early access deals)!

New Echo on Sale this Prime Day (with early access deals)! - Deals on Amazon Echo Dot, Show + Earbuds

Quick Sale Picks

We’ve been proud owners of the original Echo Dot and, quite honestly, use it regularly.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  We’ve updated it each and every year (especially on Prime Day) when they’re slashing prices almost in half.  Whether you just want one for the first time or are planning on upgrading your older model, now just may be one of the best times to do so thanks to this Prime Day (with early access deals)!

Of course, up until this point we’ve only purchased any of our Echo essentials directly from Amazon (duh!), but did you know that there are some additional authorized retailers who are also having some pretty impressive sales right now too?  We’ll list all the latest ones below so you can pick and choose which retailer works best for you:

As you can tell the top retailers (Amazon, Home Depot and Kohl’s) are all having some pretty amazing deals and most are offering free shipping.  Some (like Kohl’s) has some coupon incentives too.  As always, with some of the other retailers we recommend to subscribe to their emails because they’ll sometimes offer you an extra 10% – 20% off your purchase just for doing that.  Worth it!

There are currently so many Echo devices on the market now and while we’re not ranking the best ones for you, we are using external data from top-seller lists and internal research and our own data to highlight which of the best are currently on sale – especially leading up to the big event!  Plus, keep in mind many of these make excellent gift ideas for the tech fan in your life.

The current list of devices you can choose from include:

  • The Echo Dot
  • The Show (The 5, 8 and 10)
  • The Flex
  • The Studio
  • The Audio
  • The Earbuds

Yeah, it’s kind of a lot!  Below we’re listing out the best overall offers and then we’ll break it down by as many of the above categories that we can that are currently on sale or at their lowest price of the season.  Don’t worry, we’ll keep this page as up-to-date as we can so you can always find a good option for your budget.  Just bear with us!

We’ve rounded up some of the best Echo devices during the Amazon Prime Day sale extravaganza!

Awesome Amazon Prime Day Sales!

Top New Echo Devices on Sale

Echo Dot

The Show

Echo Earbuds

The Auto

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