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The Coolest Countertop Ice Machine Sale this week!

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If your refrigerator doesn’t have it’s own ice maker (how dare it!) and it’s crunch time before your next party, you can’t go wrong with a portable countertop ice maker.  Most really can make an abundance of ice in under 10 minutes and, even better, we found a bunch of really great deals this week!

Countertop Ice Makers on Sale this week! - Deals on Portable Ice Machines

Quick Sale Picks

True story.  We’re obsessed with ice.  No, really.  We are.  We drink three iced coffee per day (we make them at home with our own coffee maker) and then for the rest of the day we’re drinking ice water with different flavors added to it like fresh basil, lemon wedges, cucumbers – you name it.  Our fridge doesn’t make nearly as much ice as we need on a daily basis and – honestly – filling  up trays every day is a bore.  So we went the route of the chic countertop ice machine and we haven’t looked back since.  You can even find some really great sale prices on them this week!

Speaking of sales, while we know we can usually find the best ones on Amazon (pretty much, always) we want to share some additional trusted retailers that are also having sales on ice machines too like:

One of the most trusted reviewers in the business, The Wirecutter, basically informed us that most ice makers you’re finding online are made from only a few manufacturers.  So, basically, so many of them are the same.  You can’t really go wrong but, as always, we recommend to purchase them from a trusted retailer (the ones we mentioned above) so you know you’re getting some authentic.

Most of these are easy to set up – just pour in some water, plug it in, turn it on and minutes later you’ve got ice (usually in fun little shapes too).  Some of the top brands that work great and look pretty cool include:  Igloo, Magic Chef, and Frigidaire (yes, the same folks that make your favorite air conditioner!).  There are other brands out there but, full transparency, we can’t personally vouch for them.

So whether you’re looking to gift these to someone (wedding or housewarming) or just want one for your own counter, we’ve found some really great deals taking place this this week!

We’ve rounded up some of the portable ice makers during the week’s sale extravaganza!

New Sales This Week!!

Top Countertop Ice Machines on Sale

Igloo Specific

Magic Chef


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