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Some of the Biggest Ceiling Fan Sales are Happening this Prime Day (with early access deals)!

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While choosing a ceiling fan perfect for just about any room in your home is totally subjective, the prices don’t have to be.  We uncovered some of the best deals on a wide variety of ceiling fans heading into this Prime Day (with early access deals)!

Ceiling Fans on Sale this Prime Day (with early access deals)! - Deals Indoor Ceiling Fan With Lights

Quick Sale Picks

Shopping for a new ceiling fan used to be a total snooze. Ok, it still kind of is, but not as bad as years past when your only real options were wooden blades or white ones.  That was about it.  And, honestly, they used to be quite expensive.  The good news is that prices having been coming down in recent years and there are so many more options, speeds, and styles today.  Plus, there are some serious sales happening this Prime Day (with early access deals)!  So, there’s really no excuse to have to pay full price.  Like, ever.

Believe it or not, Amazon has a really nice selection of popular and price-approachable fans on sale right now.  But so do some other major retailers (gotta love competition!).  We decided to showcase some of the top deals from some of our favorite online retailers that we trust and shop with, so you can make the best decision for you and your budget.

If you’re looking for a tried-and-true safe bet, we recommend Home Depot.  If you’re looking for something really unique we’d recommend going with either Houzz or All Modern.  Of course, any of the above have a great selection.  On average, we’re seeing saving between 40% – 45% off original prices, and many are currently offering free shipping!

On a personal note, we love a super stylish ceiling fan and actually picked out one of the top picks recommended from Architectural Digest.   It may have been a bit pricy, but that was for our family room.  The fans in the kids bedrooms came from Home Depot and Amazon.  Easy peasy.

While, overall, they’re all pretty straight-forward – there are some options you can consider like:

  • With or Without Lights
  • With or Without Remote Control
  • Indoor Options
  • Outdoor  Options

And then, of course, there are various styles like:  modern, traditional, farmhouse, etc.  You get the point.  So, we’ve compiled some of the current best sellers right now, matched it with some of our internal data, and then came up with a list of some of the top sellers that are also currently on sale. We hope this helps both keep you cool and save you some cash.

We’ve rounded up some of the best ceiling fans during the Amazon Prime Day sale extravaganza!

Awesome Amazon Prime Day Sales!

Top Ceiling Fans on Sale

Options With Lights

Outdoor Options

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